Building Relationships Will Improve Your Business

BY: Joe Crisara

Magic MomentsImagine that on a particularly busy, stressful day, you’ve just finished training a group of your people. After the training, one of them comes up to you and says…

“I just wanted to tell you that I notice the effort you put into these training classes. The way you go out of your way to get to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses – and tailor the training to each of us is really amazing. I can tell you, we all feel lucky to have a manager like you who cares so much about our development because not many people would go to that kind of effort to get to know their employees on an individual basis the way you do. I’m grateful to work under someone who cares that much, and I just wanted to thank you for treating us the way you do.”

Assuming it was delivered completely sincerely, what sort of impression are you going to have of the person who said that to you?

How would you feel for the rest of the day?

And how might that feeling affect your productivity and interactions with others?

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3 Things That Can Boost or Destroy Your Contracting Business

BY: Joe Crisara

3 Things That Can Boost or Kill Your Contracting BusinessWhen you own and run a contracting business, it seems like there’s always something urgent to handle.

There are always emails, phone calls, meeting, employee questions, customer concerns… the list goes on and on. From the second you walk in the door to the second you power off your phone at night (if you even get to do that), there’s no shortage of urgent matters for you to handle.

So when exactly is someone in your position supposed to get anything BIG done… like grow the business?

Well, honestly, if you keep spending your time on those urgent things, maybe never.

That’s one of the reasons why so many companies in our industry seem to grow like crazy for a while and then hit a ceiling. At some point, their growth stalls because they’re in a constant mad dash to handle all the urgency.

The question then, is… what can you do about it?

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The Culture Flaw That’s Killing Your Company

BY: Joe Crisara

CultureFlawWould you say your company has a “customer first” culture?

Would you agree that providing the best possible customer experience, and preventing as much stress and hassle as possible for your customers is at the very top of your priority list?

Is it safe to say that providing for the safety, health, and comfort of your customer and your community is “Job One”?

I really believe that if you asked them, most owners and managers in our industry would say that describes the way their company feels toward their customers, and I’m sure you feel that way about your customers, too.

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Add Your Free Listing Now to UNCLE JOE Service Pro Directory

BY: Joe & Julie Crisara

Dear Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC Techs,

As you know, Julie and I have been in the service industry 30+ years, we’ve coached thousands of contractors in the past decade. Our goal is to always bring you tools and techniques to grow your business.

And, our tech team here has a great background in technology with 20+ years experience, helping build companies including Google.

So we approach solutions for you with a blend of contracting expertise and technology prowess. New tools, new solutions. Better ways to grow your business.

With that we’re excited to debut UNCLE JOE. A place where contractors can list their services free and customers can find reliable ones quickly and easily.


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Here’s Why Your Company is Losing Opportunities (and How to Fix it!)

BY: Joe Crisara


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

I wish I could take credit for that one, because it’s dead-on accurate, but it was actually Henry Ford who said that.

And when you look at what today’s contracting business is like, it really hits home for us, too.

To be truly customer focused in our business means that you have to meet the needs of your customer in terms of the quality of your communication with them, the service you provide, and the timeframe in which you deliver that service… even when the opportunity comes in after hours.

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Is Winging it Killing Your Business? 7 Reasons Your CSR Needs a Script

BY: Joe & Julie Crisara

Winging It Killing Your Business

Would you like to know the real secret of how champions are made?

You’re going to see it play out right in front of your eyes during March Madness.

The coach gathers his players around him and says, “Ok guys. Here’s how we’re going to bring the trophy home. You’re all talented, and I trust your instincts. Just go out there and do whatever you want.”

That’s how all champions are made…isn’t it?

The most famous actors wing it. The best movies are improvised, right?

And every successful business franchise in the world has learned that the secret to ultimate success is to collect your franchise fee, slap the new franchisee on the backside and say, “Go get ‘em, Tiger! I know you can do it!”

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[BONUS VIDEO] Boost Your Booking Rate 5x with These 2 Simple Little Scripts

BY: Julie Crisara

We know, from experience, it’s easier said than done to use scripts in real life. We’ve all been there, myself included, where using a new script, especially to handle “Ball Park/ Price Shoppers”, just felt flat out uncomfortable.

So to help put you and your CSR’s at ease, here’s a quick video showing you how it’s done. By seeing and hearing an example of this script in a action, your CSR’s will get the confidence boost they need to do it themselves and be successful.

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Boost Your Booking Rate 5x with These 2 Simple Little Scripts

BY: Julie Crisara

Tired of Price Shoppers?

How many times have you heard this one?  Your Customer Service Representative (CSR) hangs up the phone without booking the call and says “he was just looking for a price.”

I bet it’s way more than you think.

Let’s face it, the dreaded “Ball Park/Price Shopper” is one of the toughest calls for your CSR’s to book.

Well the good news is if you keep reading this post you’re going to have 2 proven strategies (scripts) to handle these “Ball Park/Price Shoppers” and book the calls…

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Pure Motive Service: How to Increase Your Revenue Without Selling

BY: Joe Crisara

PureMotiveServiceIIYou want your business to grow like gangbusters, and yet the idea of becoming a stereotypical “hardcore sales” organization doesn’t sit right with you either.

You have an image you’re trying to uphold in your community, and the last thing you need is to start developing a reputation for being a pushy upseller.

It’s a valid concern. I understand.

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