CASE STUDY: Heartache on the Way to Success

BY: Joe Crisara

It’s A Family Affair

Most people identify “Mom and Pop” shops for their welcoming charm sistema. Yet despite a reputation for exuding a comfortable feeling, many end up closing their doors. Whether the challenge is big-box competitors, an economic slump or limited resources, making ends meet can be tough 3d filme herunterladen kostenlos. But for Precision Air-Conditioning of Memphis, Tenn., the family business figured out the secret to staying open for 37 years and counting.

Just as individuals have a story, so do businesses Download windows 10 for usb stick. Ten years ago, asking Kathe Stewart if she would ever work in the family business would have resulted in a firm “no.” As a practicing lawyer, she never imagined she would one day be chief operations officer of her father’s air-conditioning company adobe updates herunterladen.

But in 2002, an unfortunate event changed the course of her life and the direction of her father’s company. Continue reading “CASE STUDY: Heartache on the Way to Success”