$6 Million Dollar Information For $57

By: Joe Crisara

Three webinars for one price by one of the most successful sales people in the HVAC industry

Cost: $57 for entire 3-part course and archive access

Package: 60 minutes EACH, plus workbook, downloads, follow up for each and access to replays of all three webinars for one year

Service CSI: Who Killed the Sale powerpoint folien design download kostenlos? is a series of THREE webinars held on consecutive Thursdays starting January 31st that will help you improve your service and increase your sales herunterladen. Investing in your service & sales people is like becoming and HVAC Service & Sales Champ! Remember, 2nd place is first loser.

Course #1 – January 31st: Service CSI: Who Killed the Sale?: $6 Million dollar HVAC sales person Rick Picard will show you the skill of investigating each service and sales opportunity to find the issues that will kill a sale word studenten herunterladen. More importantly he will show you how to eliminate it before it happens. Stop losing profitable opportunities!

Course #2 – February 7th: Handling the Dreaded Price Objection: World famous performance coach Joe Crisara will show you how to create more value to eliminate price objections boerse herunterladen. Joe will perform a “rapid-fire” segment on how to handle the dreaded price objection and have the confidence needed to get the job.

Course #3 – February 14th: Stop Thinking & Start Doing: Both Rick Picard & Joe Crisara will help your team shorten the sales cycle by working through the common “Think-It-Over” stall objection videos from google. Find out how only one more question can make all the difference between losing and getting each job.

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Speaker: Rick Picard, Sales Expert

Rick Picard Rick has been part of the service contracting business for most of his life and he currently works as a salesperson for a company in the New England area. He has accomplished some of the most eye popping sales results that have ever been achieved in the service contracting business. He has achieved $6 million in sales directly to consumers with NO new construction or remodeling.

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