5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Sucks

By: Joe Crisara

5 Reasons Sales TeamDid I get your attention?


I have to tell you that one of the most fun parts of my job is talking to sales and service managers who refuse to admit that the results their people get on their opportunities do indeed…


What do I mean by this?

When any frontline service or sales professional in your company does not produce the results needed to pay for all the overhead, benefits, education and everything else needed to cover their fair share of these expenses, then they are “sucking” these valuable resources at the expense of other employees who ARE pulling their own weight.

Frankly, there is an imbalance at many companies created by some on the sales team performing at a very high level while others on the team are performing well below expectations app to youtube video.

And many owners and sales managers (Are you one of them?) simply state this as a fact of being in business and refuse to believe that EVERYBODY can achieve profitable numbers and reach their goals.

The price of failure is high

In today’s world, a contracting company simply cannot sustain this type of imbalance for very long before a financial toll is paid, such as, fewer profits for the owner and less benefits and pay for all the employees.

As a matter of fact, many contracting companies have high performers who can’t even get a raise because others on the team performing at a lower level are sucking the resources from everyone else.

Getting people to realize this thinking is flawed logic and that there ARE companies out there where everyone on the team makes great money is part of what makes my job so much fun download sdq.

And… When I can get the whole company to think this way, some pretty amazing things happen for them.

But let’s get down to it… What are the reasons that these money suckers exist?

5 reasons why your sales team sucks

1. They don’t know what great service means

Poor performers rarely treat themselves to the finest service because they are usually too broke to ever experience it. Therefore, they don’t know what it is. Great service is defined by its root word, to serve – to work for download ios 13 iphone 6. Poor performers that suck, never offer more service. They only offer the minimum needed to get the problem solved today – no planned service for the future and no packaging of a more complete solution that will permanently solve the problem.

On top of not understanding great service, most of the poor performers have a chromosome missing when it comes to believing that most people – given a choice – would PREFER to pay more for great service. They have this stubborn belief that everyone wants to eat the 13 oz. T-Bone steak at Denny’s for $12.99 instead of having a choice to eat the ribeye at Ruth’s Chris for $79.00. This belief enslaves them to only offer bottom end band-aid fixes.

2. They do not diagnose and connect with their buyer

Poor performers think that some chitchat and idle conversation is all it takes to connect with buyers java alte version herunterladen. They stroll in, say a few nice words, ask maybe 1-2 questions then head towards the equipment. Almost without fail every salesperson or technician will tell me they are great at connecting with their customer, but in reality what they are great at is talking about themselves.

Every technician or salesperson must be committed to fully diagnosing the family and creating an emotional investment into their well being. And that only happens by shutting up, asking a lot of questions, finding out who they are and how their life is impacted by the system you are servicing. Poor performers who stick to barely engaging with the buyer and only diagnose the system do not differentiate themselves from anyone else and deliver poor solutions and poor service kostenlos youtube lieder downloaden.

3. They state the problems with no immediate solutions

There have been many studies done on how creating dissonance with buyers gets them to act or purchase. Dissonance is the opposite of harmony. It’s the uncomfortable feeling you get when you have a conflicting thought or belief. And by using dissonance with your buyer you create an imbalance that your buyer needs to resolved. Your buyer wants to be back in harmony. However, when creating or explaining problems, the solution must IMMEDIATELY follow the explanation of the trouble resolving the dissonance or imbalance.

Those that suck, explain the problem to the buyer way too early, well before they have found a solution. While they are diagnosing the system, they go into a diatribe about the lack of maintenance and all the problems and then finally tell the buyer they need to figure out a price. This leaves the buyer in a state of dissonance for way too long, which causes them to search for answers on their own to be back in harmony. Don’t describe the problem until you have priced it first and are ready to present it. Dissonance should immediately followed by the solution, because you want to be the one to resolve it and bring harmony to the situation, not someone else.

4. They freeze when confronted with the smallest amount of resistance

Many customers say “No” as a subconscious reaction to your presentation. Poor performers do not realize that the slightest hesitation you give a customer when they throw an objection at you can turn the sale around from a “No” to a “Yes”.

Question the situation when you are losing the job. Ask the customer why their way of buying is the best way. Taking responsibility by asking the customer where you went wrong is another tactic. One thing is for sure… Standing there dumbfounded and then leaving when faced with a “no” or an “I’ll think it over,” will never get it done. Say something.

For a super simple strategy to knockout objections, click here & check this out.

5. They sell to Americans like communists

That’s right. Poor performers are not “On code” with the average American when they choose only one repair and then present it to the customer. In the days behind the Iron Curtain in communist Russia, people would stand in line for hours for a loaf of bread. In those days, there was no choice. Only one kind of bread was given to everyone.

But our great country was built on freedom. To give only one choice restricts people and makes them feel as if something is not right. Show your buyer the best and most premium option – the one that costs the most. Then show them the options in the middle that have less warranty, service and may or may not include complete repairs. Finally, show them the least that you can do get it running. We love choices. So don’t stand in the way of freedom.

What can you achieve?

These are the top 5 reasons why you or your sales team sucks…

…but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Right now you are reading this post and right now you can make choice to change and reach for greatness. Right now you can choose a different more powerful path usually reserved for those who dare to want more.

It’s time to step up.

Your family, your team and your business are counting on you so click below and join me in Los Angeles.


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