Finding Your Ideal Client

By: Joe Crisara

Find and marketing to your ideal client is probably the first step towards being effective with your marketing dollars herunterladen. You can’t be everything to everybody, so know the client that will appreciate your service is a key to your success.

With that in mind, the ideal client for a high level world class service company is EXACTLY like or a combination of all of these…

  • Stays loyal to the same brand for years

  • Utilizes their brands loyalty programs

  • Values the relationships they have with their service providers

  • Appreciates getting a range of choices to do the work

  • Wants a more premium solution when given that choice

  • Wants to get the job done TODAY

  • All stakeholders will be available to make a decision

  • Always hires a professional, doesn’t like to “reinvent the wheel”

  • Does NOT have or hates using a home warranty

  • Has a broken system OR one that needs major improvement

  • Is willing to get pre-approved for financing or has major credit cards

  • Has heard really great things about us from friends

  • Has “learned their lesson” about getting what you pay for gangstar vegas herunterladen für android.

  • Feels more comfortable taking care of payment promptly.

  • Loves to give reviews when a service providers does work for them herunterladen.

  • Is a “Maven” who highly influences others in their social circles.

Can you think of any others? More importantly, if you agree, how would YOU go about finding clients with these characteristics?