Is Winging it Killing Your Business? 7 Reasons Your CSR Needs a Script

By: Joe & Julie Crisara

Winging It Killing Your Business

Would you like to know the real secret of how champions are made?

You’re going to see it play out right in front of your eyes during March Madness.

The coach gathers his players around him and says, “Ok guys. Here’s how we’re going to bring the trophy home. You’re all talented, and I trust your instincts. Just go out there and do whatever you want.”

That’s how all champions are made…isn’t it download google contacts?

The most famous actors wing it. The best movies are improvised, right?

And every successful business franchise in the world has learned that the secret to ultimate success is to collect your franchise fee, slap the new franchisee on the backside and say, “Go get ‘em, Tiger! I know you can do it!”

Of course, all that is obviously completely backward…

The Real Secret of Their Success

You can bet the limb of your choice that every team in the tournament has a playbook. And I can promise you that each player knows it so well that they can recite each individual play in their sleep.

They use that playbook every single day of their lives, and the success of the entire team rests on the fact that any one player has total faith that every other player is doing exactly what the playbook says they’re supposed to be doing at any given moment Dropbox app download all images.

The same goes for your favorite actors. Successful movies and plays have scripts… and everyone on that screen or stage knows exactly what to do every second along the way.

As for business franchises, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Alaska or Alabama, McDonald’s is going to ask you if you “want fries with that.” From Applebee’s to P.F. Chang’s to Ruth’s Chris… each company’s success is dependent upon delivering a consistent experience each and every time.

And they do it with a plan – a script download central app.

It’s insane to think that a professional athlete, an award winning actor, or a successful business franchise would ever wing it with something as important as their business. It’s their livelihood… their bread and butter. Winging it would be a recipe for disaster.

And yet I see my brothers and sisters in the service industry doing it every single day.

So why are your Customer Service Representative’s (CSR’s) winging it?

Not using a script can have a huge negative impact on a business herunterladen. It greatly devalues the money spent on advertising, and it communicates to the employees that this is really not important.Julie Crisara

Does your business deserve any less success than your favorite sports team, the Star Wars franchise, or Ruth’s Chris?

Of course not. Your business is just as important.

And it all starts with that first interaction your customer makes with your CSR.

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7 Reasons Why CSR Scripts Are Good For Everyone Involved

Let’s take a look at 7 reasons having your CSR’s use a script can help your whole company start humming like a well-oiled machine…

1: Scripts send the message YOU intend to send, not the one the CSR intends to send download idm.
It’s your business, and no one cares about the customer experience more that you do. For most of your customers, the CSR is the first touch – the first impression. And as we all know, a first impression is a lasting impression. When you provide your CSR’s with a quality script, you’re insuring that your message is being conveyed your way, and that every customer has a consistent, positive experience.

2: Customers can’t play inconsistencies against each other because techs know what to expect.
How many customer complaints has your business had to handle because a CSR told the customer one thing would happen, but then when you did the job, something else happened? “The lady on the phone said this would only cost $200!”

Maybe they gave out a price range for a job or a time of arrival for the tech when they shouldn’t have, accidentally creating a customer service issue. When you let your CSR’s wing it, they can easily (even with the best of intentions) wind up creating more problems than they solve.

A properly crafted script allows you to control what is (and is not) said over the phone, and allows your process to run more smoothly. The chances of your technician being blindsided by something that was said or promised to a customer is eliminated. Ultimately, the proper use of a script also leads to harmony in the company because when there are fewer miscommunications and mistakes, the techs learn to trust the CSRs and the process.

3: The customer gets the same high level of service every time.
Nothing tells your customer that you value their business like a pleasant, consistent experience. Returning customers who “know the routine” and understand your way of doing business happily go with the flow, and find comfort in knowing that every time they call you, they’ll be treated the same way. Winging it causes inconsistencies and has the potential to greatly increase customer issues.

4: Customers are given all the information they need up front.
With a good CSR script in place, not only do you eliminate the risk of giving out too much information over the phone, but you also insure that every customer gets all the information you do want them to have every time. Things like how your process works, what to expect before the tech arrives, and so on.

5: All the right information gets gathered every time.
Using a properly formatted script, you’re assured that the company gets all necessary information because it guarantees that all the pertinent questions get asked every time. Never again will you be missing important information like how the customer got your phone number to how they’ll be paying for your services.

6: Gathering all the important information allows you to properly prioritize your calls.
When your CSR’s gather all the right information every time, it makes the task of properly prioritizing your calls much easier. And by being able to send the right tech to the right job at the right time, you not only create the best possible customer experience, you also cut down on customer concerns.

7: Scripts save call time and money.
It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. A quality script gives your CSR’s the words and knowledge they need to keep the call on track, redirect objections, and avoid long-winded tangents with customers. Clients using our scripts average 4 minute call times. Also, because of the fact that you can reduce call times with the right script, your CSR department becomes a well-oiled machine and you’re able to take more calls per day with less employees on the payroll.

A professional CSR knows their script and keeps it in front of them at all times. It’s what gives you as the owner control of your business.Julie Crisara

Now you can see that the case for using a quality CSR script is pretty compelling. It comes with a ton of advantages like saving time, money, customer complaints, and creates harmony within the company just to name a few.

So what’s the downside?

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Understanding Script Science

Well, it’s not a downside, exactly. But, it is true that not all scripts are created equal.

To create a script for your CSR’s that accomplishes all these great things for your company requires that you understand the science of script-building. At Contractor Selling, we’ve been crafting, testing, and re-testing scripts for years as part of our customer service training.

We’ve even created a FREE guide that gives you the The 4 Key Elements of a Perfect CSR Script.

This FREE guide gives you the exact step-by-step framework to develop a successful script.

And I mean any script… Repairs, estimates, handling client concerns. You name the problem, this formula can help create a script to handle it.

Here’s the deal…

If you use our framework, building your scripts is surprisingly simple and helps you turn every phone call that comes into the CSR’s office into a money making call.

The 4 Key Elements of a Perfect CSR Script

Click here, download our free guide and turn your Customer Service Representatives in highly skilled first responders that deliver superior customer service and get these buyers on the schedule.

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