7 Steps to Build a Winning Option Sheet [VIDEO]

By: Joe Crisara

7 Steps To Options

How to Create a Winning Option Sheet

In the previous articles in this series we introduced the idea of creating “Options, Not Ultimatums” and also the “4 Strategic Rules” to follow when adopting this philosophy neue emojis ios 12.1 herunterladen.  Now we are going to dive head first into “How” to create the best options for clients.  Yes, this is the nuts and bolts you need to roll up your sleeves and begin to actually build an option sheet automatically download images outlook.

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7 Steps To Build a Winning Option Sheet

STEP 1: System Observations

At the very top of your option sheet should be a short summary of your system observations, including acknowledging the reason they called you out in the first place mozilla firefox download kostenlos windows 10. Otherwise, your options could wind up looking like an attempt to upsell.

STEP 2: Increase the Quality

Your solutions should improve the quality of what your customer currently has. You could do this by suggesting more commercial grade (durable) equipment, or something that’s nicer looking than what they currently have. Your top options should always be a step up from the status quo.

STEP 3: System Renovation

Your options should include system renovation or restoration possibilities. Offer to renovate or restore systems that are old, obsolete, incorrectly installed, or poorly designed. So for instance, instead of cleaning one drain in the home that is currently clogged, you’d restore ALL the drains to update and old drainage system in your top premium option.

STEP 4: System Upgrades

Based on what you’ve learned about the changes in the family and their situation, identify things they currently do not have or haven’t thought of that could benefit them, and include those in your options as well. Offer upgrades to better match the needs of the individual people who live in the home.

STEP 5: Consumables

Include things like air filters, water filters, UV bulbs, or batteries in your options. By including these items, you’re giving your client peace of mind that they’ll never be without them, and will no longer have the hassle of buying these consumables one at a time as they need them.

STEP 6: Planned Service

Include planned service agreements in your options. This way, instead of waiting until things break down, your client will receive regular inspections to make them aware of potential problems before they happen. Don’t forget to offer both multiple years of planned service as well as a monthly payment option as well.

STEP 7: Warranty

Build a longer, more comprehensive warranty into the most premium options, and lesser warranties for the lower options – all the way down to the band-aid option with no warranty. While you should offer a warranty and service plan in the same option, make sure you don’t offer a warranty that is for a longer period of time than the service plan is.

Use this list to build your option sheets, and to check them after you create them to make sure they’re as effective as possible.

Mastering Option Creation

While this article will get you off to a strong start in learning to build options that convert, it does take some time and no small amount of practice to master writing great options.

We’ve created a powerful tool that takes all the guesswork out of creating winning options every single time. It’s called The Best Ever Flat Rate Guide and you can get all the details about it here. This guide shortens the learning curve and gives you the ability to create perfect options practically overnight.

Keep your eye on your inbox, because in my next article, I’m going to teach you how to explain why you offer 6 options to your customer in a way they’ll understand and appreciate.