$9 Million Reasons To Attend Total Immersion

By: Joe Crisara

When a person sells this much HVAC equipment in one year, you wonder…

Where do they get their sales training over the rainbow mp3 for free?

Some might say, “They don’t need any sales training!”

Since I know him, this top salesperson would rightly respond, “Tiger Woods still gets lessons.”

Fair enough gratis thriller ebooksen. So the question remains, Where DO they get sales training?

And Rick Picard, who is the #1 HVAC salesperson in the United States would answer,

“At the Total Immersion Summit.”

That’s right herunterladen. Rick is a learning machine. And earning machine. Yet he has taken time to hone his craft – to get even better – at this event.

Would it be worth your time to find out how YOU can get a seat?

That’s why I’m inviting you to attend the upcoming Total Immersion Summit, but I must warn you: this is not for everyone. If fact, it can’t be. First it’s a 5 day course designed to multiply your sales, on average, nearly 3 times. Next, it’s strictly limited to 30 people who say, “I want to become better by learning from the best.”

So, is spending 5 days sharpening skills that benefit the rest of your life worth it? Only you can answer that, but it’s at least worth finding out what it includes.

You know, some won’t click the link at all. Some skeptics will say this is hype. Some don’t attend any training to get better. But if you’ve read this far, that doesn’t include you. So I’d like to include you in one of the 30 seats available. Check it out.

To Your Success,

Joe Crisara