Are You A Door Or A Window?

By: Joe Crisara

No Profiling

You have no doubt heard of techs or sales people talking about the client with the Mercedes in the garage and how it influenced them to offer more premium solutions Download ipad pro youtube videos. On the other hand there are other stories about how the tech saw how the client was struggling and therefore only offered the cheapest possible solution asphalt 8 airborne herunterladen. As a service professional, we are not skilled in doing an on-site clinical profile of each client and try to figure out how much they will spend. You will find many cases of rich people going cheap or poor people going premium herunterladen. Why? Because clients purchase for their reasons and not yours. Economic profiling is the enemy of great service. Doing great service means you are an equal opportunity solution creator herunterladen.

The bottom line is don’t profile anyone or try to predict how much they will spend. Here is my personal policy…

“Money is not my master, finding the right solution for you and your family is what I live for.”

What I mean by that is, rich or poor, everyone deserves to at least see what a premium high end solution would look like musik von youtube videos downloaden. So I don’t let money stand in the way of at least showing people how to head off the flooded basement by putting in two sump pumps and a standby generator for ground water removal sump pump call or showing what a new Grohe faucet would cost on a builders grade Moen faucet with a bad cartridge as well.

Just tell them that you have premium and economy solutions and that you don’t expect anything other than to make the right choice for them and their family. Just show the solutions and ask, “What should we do?” Then stand back and let the client take their time to decide.

Door Or Window?

What if a client tells you they only want the cheapest solution? Ask yourself this, “Do I want to be a door that stands in the way and creates a barrier for clients to see the best possible solutions? Or do I want to be a window that shows people a world of high quality possibilities that they never even knew about?” How could they say they do not want something they never knew about? It is impossible for the client to say they don’t want it if they do not know how they will benefit. Educate that client by capturing their imagination of what REAL high quality fixtures and service really looks like. The laws of economics and desire will do the rest. Allow the client to decide what they want. Don’t decide for them.

Americans quite often buy more because they feel they deserve the best from time to time. As Wayne Gretzky said, you will always miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Don’t profile those who look like they won’t purchase top solutions. Just show them and let them decide.

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