Be a Student Of Buyers To Find “Right Code”

By: Joe Crisara

What Is “On Code”

To me, the definition of selling is to provide a solution that is directly “on code” with solving a problem your customer has Christmas carols children. Basically if you provide solutions that are more like a laser beam than a shotgun, your buyer feels you know their situation better than your competitor and so they feel inclined to purchase from you herunterladen.

To find exactly what people need and want, you have to understand how they think. Most people in the service business are “out of balance” in this regard cisco packet tracer downloaden. What I mean is that 90% of the attention they spend is on diagnosing technical issues and not on diagnosing the family or people who live in the home spelling to.

Be a Student Not a Teacher

To do an effective diagnosis of the people who live in a home, you must listen and learn about your customer instead of trying to explain what you think is best for them. Okay so you know they have a problem, but have you know the answer to these questions?

  • How much they know about the problem?
  • What have they done in the past to take care of it?
  • Who needs to give their input in making a decision?
  • Do they normally purchase permanent or temporary solutions?
  • When were they hoping to solve the issue?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of what you might need to find the “on code” solution for this buyer could go on forever.

Finding The Right “Code”

You know you have found the right code when you can tell a buyer exactly who in the family will benefit from your solutions. When you start explaining your solution by saying something like, “John, I worked up this solution for you because you told me you travel for business and i wanted to make sure your family is safe…” you are off to a great start to being on code.

Get your diagnosis in balance and make your solutions personal and customized for someone in the household. Even if it is for their dog. When you show your intentions to improve the life of those you serve, you will always make a friend and in the course of doing so you make the best sale of all.

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