How 5 Winning Strategies From the Trump Campaign Can Benefit Your Business Now

BY: Joe Crisara


You can love him or hate him… but regardless of which side you fall on, Donald J castbox downloaden. Trump is our next President.

The Electoral College results were undeniable.  But on election night, a lot of people were surprised by what was unfolding in front of their eyes Download youtube videos in hd. Dumbfounded might be a better word for it.

The other side was certain of their victory even before the first vote was cast. But “The Donald” seemingly came out of nowhere, winning one key state after another until much of the world was left in shock, wide-eyed and open-mouthed app auf macbook herunterladen.

What happened?  How did he come out of “nowhere” and win a decisive electoral victory like that?  It wasn’t happenstance, it wasn’t a miracle, and it wasn’t dumb luck.  It was strategy herunterladen.

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CASE STUDY: The Upturn Guy in a Downturn Time

BY: Joe Crisara

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A Time To Be Different

Human nature leads us to follow the crowd because it’s comfortable and, let’s face it, that’s what we do download free beats. But when there’s an economic downturn that batters your industry, following the crowd is what you want to avoid. Then it’s time to be different if you don’t want to share the pain of declining sales and profits, says Bill Jones, who with his wife, Deb, owns Jones Service Co charts zumen . kostenlos. a plumbing , HVAC and electric company that services the Hudson Valley. Continue reading “CASE STUDY: The Upturn Guy in a Downturn Time”

CASE STUDY: The Faithful Comeback

BY: Joe Crisara

The Faithful Comeback

Many business owners experience difficult times – periods when sales are low and cash flow is a dribble download music link. But when a business is on the brink of closing, it takes hard work to keep the doors open. And a little bit of faith.

Bill Campbell, 56, has been in the HVAC business for 33 years download youtube url. While Campbell describes himself as a “worker,” in 1993 he took on the title of owner and founded West Deptford, NJ-based Campbell’s Comfort System conexant smartaudio hd.

The 17-year-old business has seen its normal peaks and valleys, like any other HVAC company. But in 2008, as the recession worsened, Campbell’s business almost closed files on ipad. Campbell recalls seeing the oncoming recession in early 2007. Continue reading “CASE STUDY: The Faithful Comeback”

CASE STUDY: A Fateful Meeting for an Expert Salesman

BY: Joe Crisara

A Fateful Meeting For Sales Expert

Rick Picard walked curiously into the company’s sales meeting ostergrüße 2020 kostenlos downloaden deutsch. His company had hired a consultant to help sales reps increase their revenues. A top performer and no stranger to seven-figure annual sales, Picard was not required to go herunterladen. But he went anyway. After the meeting, Picard knew his life was going to change.

A Webster, MA, native, Picard began his career doing plumbing repairs and installations after he completed trade school herunterladen. Picard worked hard to support his wife, Monika, and their four daughters, Ashley, Austin, Gabrielle and Kaitlin. The family moved to Coventry, RI more than 10 years ago download mp3 cheaply.

In 2003, he had the opportunity to join Lincoln, RI,-based Gem Plumbing & Heating’s residential service team.

For six years, Picard has been a successful sales manager at Gem youtube video herunterladen website. From 2003 to 2005, Picard estimates that he was selling as much as $2 million annually, which is more than three times the industry average. Continue reading “CASE STUDY: A Fateful Meeting for an Expert Salesman”

CASE STUDY: Something to Smile About

BY: Joe Crisara

Something to Smile About

When was the last time somebody asked you, “How can I make you smile today” sims kostenlos downloaden? When Danielle answers the phone at “72 Degrees Air Conditioning and Heating, Your Comfort Experts,” she asks this very question with sincerity dak app herunterladen.

“It all about building rapport,” says Doug Clay, 42, sales and general manager for 72 Degrees. “Danielle’s job is to let customers know that we are their allies mov herunterladen. We’re here to provide a solution for their needs.”

Clay is the co-owner of San Clemente, CA-based 72 Degrees, who along with his wife, Edwina, manages the office grafik herunterladen. Together, they have built a successful heating and air-conditioning company with 14 employees (including their daughter Danielle) and a second location in Longview, WA Continue reading “CASE STUDY: Something to Smile About”