BY: Joe Crisara

Amazing Insight From the Hour of Sales Power

“Your Mini-Immersion seminar was eye opening, you ARE THE REAL DEAL! I also listen and watch the Hour of Sales Power regularly and get some amazing insight. I believe all contractors would benefit greatly from your information. Come back soon to the east coast so I can train my guys too!”

Don Risher
Belair Engineering
Upper Marlboro, MD

Biggest Job I Ever Sold!

BY: Joe Crisara

I’ll Take Some AC With That Too Please

“Joe, I just sold two variable furnaces and condensing units in one house for $22,000 on a pre-season furnace tune up! I used your line “If I find something should I just shut up? Or do you want me to tell you? After showing her the problems, I almost fell over when she said we might as well replace them before they give out, then she asked for the air conditioners too. It was if SHE was following your script! Biggest job I ever sold. It more than paid for the class in a week. Thanks!”

Ken Caldwell,
Cleveland, Ohio

“Over $6,000 on My First Warranty Call”

BY: Joe Crisara

Cuttng Through The “B.S. Filter”

“Joe, I must admit I had a hard time believing you when you said that you know a tech that AVERAGES over $3,200 on each warranty call or call back that he goes on. That is until I went on my very first call which was a callback which I turned into over $6,000 in about 45 minutes on the call. I was “down” with your stuff when I first heard it because there is an element of truth in your system that I could see cut through my normal “B.S. Filter” and made me think that it was possible. I am here to tell you the truth and that is that it absolutely works. Thank You.”

HVAC Service Tech
Providence, Rhode Island

“Joe Rocks!…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Exposed To It All

“Joe rocks! I have been exposed to many different types of sales and business training and never have I seen anyone with the commitment of Joe & Julie.

You guys are definitely the best bang for your buck consultants on earth. I really enjoyed your visits to my shop and for givining us the needed help in increasing our sales and also for helping our office staff succeed as well

Thanks for all of your help.”


Gary Wilson
Wilson Services
North Hampton, MA

“I Have Exceeded My Goals In a “Slow” Month”

BY: Joe Crisara

Make More Revenue & Sales

“In a month where it was normally slow for others, I had exceeded my goals thanks to information from your site. The tele-seminars really help me to hear what others who are succeeding are doing to make more revenue and sales than they have ever done before. Thank you for the site and the great information.”

Jesse M. Ramirez
Comfort Consultant / Field Supervisor
John Moore Services

“Without This Training Your Career Has No Options!”

BY: Joe Crisara

Offering Customers Options

“My customers are purchasing solutions from me now on each call that would have taken weeks to accomplish before I took this training. I am simply following your program and offering my customers the options which include the best “Rolls Royce” way of taking care of it and also the most “band-aid” way as well. My customers and I are much happier now as well. If you don’t take Joe up on HIS option for you to take this training then your career will NOT have options for you to succeed.”

Gary Gouthro, Jr.
Gouthro Plumbing
Brockton, MA

“It Really Works!”

BY: Joe Crisara

Make Money Just By Listening

“Joe, your information is completely different from anything I had learned. The main difference is that your material really works! I made money just from listening to your information before I even joined the site or attended a seminar. I always learn something that I didn’t know each time we talk and your personal approach has made me feel like I have a friend who cares. Thanks for helping me.”

John Quinones Lenexa, KS

“Brass Tacks, This Is The Real Deal”

BY: Joe Crisara

5 To 7 Times More Than Before

“I have been to a variety of sales training sessions from many different sources and they have all had a similar theme of not being real world. Your stuff is brass tacks and I can feel that it is the real deal! You present everything and more on succeeding in sales! We have already had many tickets that were 5 to 7 times more than we would have made before with happier customers. Thanks for this treasure of information.”

Donald Lester
Bradenton, FL

“Don’t Join & Keep Losing Money…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Lost Passion Regained

“I had lost my passion for my business as I was on the same treadmill no doubt many contractors find themselves on. Then I decided to take a chance despite all my greatest fears and send my techs and myself to your summit in Baltimore.

The first day back one of my techs did $7,000 on his first plumbing service call. When he brought the check back for a call that normally would have been $500, my jaw hit the ground.”

Each week after this experience I have been stunned by the continued success of the program. The after coaching you get is in-valuable and really drives home the legacy that your material will leave on the contracting industry.

Tell anyone who is contemplating “Immersing” themselves in this program to call me and I will tell them how much money they are losing each week that they fail to attend. Thanks Joe & Julie.”

Bill St. Cyr
St. Cyr Plumbing
Montpelier, ME

“I Made My Investment Back The First Week”

BY: Joe Crisara

Boosting Company Performance

“What can I say about your class and your training that can truly measure up to how I feel about it? First of all, I made my investment to send my two guys to your class back in the first week! This information may be the most powerful thing I have ever learned to boost the performance of my company. The guys I sent to the class are a record number of customer solutions.

I sat down and figured the direct effect of your materials and training . I figured what the jobs were sold for versus what they would have sold for before. I also factored in the increased closing ratio I have been tracking. The 6 week result is just under $60,000 increase above and beyond what we would have normally done . This is with only 2 of 6 field employees who were trained.Thank you.”

Gary Bailey
The Bailey Company
Elmira, NY

“I Can’t Wait Until Monday”

BY: Joe Crisara

Worth Giving Up A Saturday

“I just got home from your one day seminar in Clearwater (FL). It was a great experience and definatly worth giving up a Saturday for. We have already had some very promising results from what we have learned from the website. I have already done many SERVICE calls over $2,000 and a few over $4,000! Today really tied it all together, I cant wait for Monday so I can put this new knowledge to use. I’m looking forward to joining you for the full course.”

Rick Davies
Airpros, FL
Bradenton, FL

“Sold two jobs for twice as much as our competitor”

BY: Joe Crisara

Impressed With The Class

“My estimator just called and was very impressed with the class. Please let us know when you’ll be back. I’d like to attend myself and send more of my people. Just to update you, the last two sales he did after the class averaged $16,450 which was at least twice as much as our nearest competitor.”

Jim Pomroy
Gator Air Conditioning
Bradenton, FL

“Thank U So Much For Saving My Career”!

BY: Joe Crisara

The Knowledge To Wake Up

“Thank u so much for saving my career this has given me the knowledge I need to wake up. It has been two months and two weeks and I am at $120,000 in closed sales. I owe u big time!”

Daniel Reynolds
Dallas, TX

“Bottom line – your wallet will be fatter…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Your Wallet Will Be Fatter

“The bottom line is that working with Joe and all the people at Big Time will make your wallet fatter. I never thought that I would ever look forward as a HVAC technician to doing sales calls. I sold $600,000 last year, thanks Joe.”

Neil Huber, Service Technician
Comfort Doctors HVAC
Fox Lake, IL

“I guarantee you have not heard this stuff…”

BY: Joe Crisara

180 Degrees Opposite

“The stuff I learned from Joe Crisara was powerful. This information is a complete 180 degree opposite of the “traditional” way that I have been trained to present, sell and market myself as a technician. I will never see my job the same way again after speaking with Joe. He completely knows his stuff technically as a plumber and an HVAC guy. In Joe’s world, you never even sell the customer. Instead, the customer sells you. Mind blowing!” 

Michael, Ijah
My Plumber
San Diego, CA

“Your Training Will Triple My Annual Revenue”

BY: Joe Crisara

Number One Player In The Market

“I just wanted to thank you again for sharing sales secrets you have mastered over the years. I am positive that your training will at a minimum triple my annual revenue and assist me in being the number one player in my market I had a blast and would highly recommend your class to anyone serious about providing more then outstanding service on every service call.”

Derrick Jackson
Precision Plus Plumbing
Philadelphia, PA

“This Will Change My Sales Forever”

BY: Joe Crisara

Making More On Service Calls Than Installations

“I will never again look at any service call the same way again. We are making more on most service calls than we did on our installations before your class. You have truly shown me a better way and I am grateful for your commitment to my success that you have shown me afterwards as well. You have proven that you do not give up until EVERYBODY has shown they can succeed. Thank you for doing what you do and for helping me personally and professionally. I will remember this forever.”

Derrick Jackson
Precision Plus Plumbing
Philadelphia, PA

“Training expense is now an investment…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Predictable Rate of Return

“At first I thought I couldn’t afford Joe in my budget. What I found is that I could NOT afford to be without him. Joe is a budget buster because he makes your budget bigger based on the increase in sales you will see. Our training budget is now an investment with the most predictable rate of return on anything I have ever seen in this business. I have an ongoing relationship with Joe and hope to for years to come. Thanks. ”


Anthony Marmo
Clover Cooling
Sleepy Hollow, NY

“I Never Thought People Would Buy This Way!”

BY: Joe Crisara

Choosing A Higher Price Over A Lower One

“I never thought people would buy this way. Joe I took your challenge and to be honest, I thought it would fail. After all, who would ever choose a higher price over a lower one? Well, I did what you said and gave the options you told me to on the first day back from “Mini-Immersion” in Pasadena. Can you believe it? Both customers chose the top most expensive option! The average amount sold for the first two calls were almost $1,700 each! I would have been lucky to get $300 to $400 per call before this. Think about what I could have got if I had a better more expensive option on these! Thanks Joe, I’m ready to take it the next level!”

Jay North
JP’s Plumbing
Altadena, CA

“I now reject rejection…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Confidence Building Techniques

“I have in the past struggled with rejection by my customers. Your class sites specific examples of how to not get objections in the first place. Joe, I must thank you for giving me the confidence building techniques that give me the power to stand up and fight against being rejected. I would definitively recommend this class to all those who want to be successful and want to positively impact their financial future in this business. ”


John Estes, Service Tech
Brothers Heat & Air
Rock Hill, SC