Did I Make a Good Presentation?

By: Joe Crisara

Did I Make a Good Presentation herunterladen?

This is the question that many in the service contracting trades ask themselves after each opportunity. There are many who don’t even make a presentation a particular event in the service business herunterladen. Most simply mumble out all the facts during the course of their diagnosis and drizzle out the features and benefits early in the call as they “talk out loud” to their potential customers and then stick a price at the end of this segment herunterladen.

The customer is left bewildered and befuddled and are forced to tell the provider that they will “think-it-over” and call them back. The service provider knowing full well that they indeed DID confuse people compliantly agrees with the prospect and walks away blaming the consumer for their lack of action.

What is a good presentation?

For one thing a presentation is an event that can be defined very clearly. It has impact and is performed for the right clients (decision makers) at the right time. (when they are ready to purchase) Making an effective presentation begins AFTER you have diagnosed the issues and possible improvements not BEFORE or DURING your search for all the facts about the system and your clients.

What Should Your Presentation Do?

The presentation of solutions to your customers should serve a purpose in the sales process. Is your presentation hurting or helping you sell your service? The following should help you evaluate whether you are making a “good” presentation.

Here is the role your presentation must play:

– Create solutions that no one else has thought of

– Demonstrates that you know your clients intimately

– Differentiates you from the pack of other contractors

– Creates packages and bundles to make it easier to decide

– Gives customers options for the way THEY want to purchase

– Your unique solutions should prove your quality & expertise

– Make your prices seem fair and worth the investment

– Persuade your customers to take action after seeing it

– Using the options as a negotiation point of reference

– Eliminate the desire for having to shop around with others

– Creates status, quality and integrity in you and your company

Well, does your presentation cut the mustard? If not, then take a deep breath and go back to the drawing board. Your results don’t lie. There is no more fun and exciting time for someone who has a passion for the service business than the time that they are walking their clients through all the problems and “faults” in their hvac, plumbing or electrical system and then also providing that client with solutions that they can choose from. Put the joy back into your service opportunities and make each presentation a fun, interactive and exciting event for everyone.

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