You Don’t Have To Be An Einstein To Sell More

By: Joe Crisara

You Don’t Have To Be An Einstein

“The problems of today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created those problems.”

Albert Einstein

How many times in the service contracting business have you ever had a challenge that just went away by waiting tv zeitung online kostenlos downloaden? One of the secrets to being successful in the contracting industry no matter what job you do is to muster the courage to take action.

For instance, think about an installation crew walking around in circles thinking about the job instead of just doing some of the basics that need to be done regardless of the difficulty sims legacy edition herunterladen. Things like protecting the home with floor mats or drop clothes, unloading materials or even removing the old materials and equipment. Sometimes we think too much or try to be an “Einstein” and those thoughts can impair our ability to act herunterladen.

Will Sales Increase By Waiting?

Over-analyzing can certainly affect your sales results as well. I mean think about it. Can you really ever increase your sales results by simply waiting for them to change? – Whenever we view a solution to any problems we face, as a waiting game, we tend not to do much of anything and become paralyzed.

We think mistakenly that things will eventually change if we just have patience. The result is that the same problems with your sales results keep coming up day after day, month after month, year after year. This is because owners and managers are blaming trends, luck or just about anything else other than the action they will take to make something positive happen.

The Universe Rewards Those Who Take Action

Good management takes action and shows leadership in tough times. To get the best from your team you must know their dreams, thoughts and goals. A great manager will apply psychology, motivation and behavioral changes needed to improve.

Managers must analyze the numbers, ask the tough questions, take a hard look at their team and themselves and continually coach their team to achieve maximum success. Failure to do so indicates that the manager either doesn’t believe in them self or their team.

Success Begins With Your Beliefs

The first place that average, mediocre or just plain poor sales and profit results turnaround in your imagination. Do yourself a favor and don’t indulge yourself in falling into a dysfunctional routine that doesn’t work. Remember that when you take action to make change happen, you will go a long way to create a happy and profitable sales team.