Great Sales Results Reside In The State Of “Now”

By: Joe Crisara

Living In the State Of Now

Most of the struggles that sales professionals have stemmed from the fear inside to take action at a critical time when it is needed wo kann ich age of empires 2 kostenlos downloaden. Fail to ask the tough questions about your competitor, the buyer’s expectation of pricing or even why people think they need your service and you will certainly crash and burn at the end where to download 4k videos. Or at best you will leave with a whimper instead of trying to help your buyer through objections they may have.

What Are We Afraid Of wartemusik kostenlos downloaden wav?

Why are service techs and salespeople afraid to ask these questions? I believe that most of our fears stem from events that either have occurred in the past or have yet to happen to us in the future. Many of us focus 80% or more of our time thinking about the fantasy of the past or future and not on the present.

Again, remember that the past and future are not real and exist only in our imagination. They are simply dreams or nightmares that have no impact on what is happening in the “state of now.”

Here are some symptoms that we may not be living in the moment:

Mind Reading

These are moments where we think we know what others are thinking about us. Or we may imagine what others may say if we ask them a question. To base your success in reading the mind of others is not very smart. How do we really know what others think unless we ask them?

Any ideas that we may have that assumes we know what is in the minds of our clients are only constructed by things on the outside that we have seen in the past. We look at their age, facial expressions, their home, car, and other belongings and think we can profile the thoughts of this person.

If you do this, you are wrong. How many times have you been surprised that someone who was looking like a real strong prospect just faded away and did NOT purchase from you? How many times have you thought you had no chance and then they DID buy?

Believe me, in sales, there are no mind readers. Leave your crystal ball at home and instead ask yourself if you found out what your buyer was really thinking right at this moment. How do you find out? Easy just ask them.


The graveyard of lost sales is filled with assumptions that salespeople make about their buyers. Where do we form these assumptions? Usually, they are created in our minds, based on past experiences we have had with other clients. Assumptions are not based on reality. Our experiences in the past have no impact on the way your buyer wants to purchase from you at this moment.

Always challenge your assumptions about the buyer. Share your thoughts when you think you know something about them. Most likely, you will find out how wrong your assumptions were. Find out if your assumptions are correct, or better yet, don’t make any in the first place.

Live In Reality, Not Fantasy

The only time that is real is right now. This is the only moment we can take action to create our future. Stay in the moment a maximize your opportunity to be effective right now and you will create the success that you desire

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