Groundhog’s Day is not good in sales

By: Joe Crisara

Ground Hogs Day: % hacks to be a student of your customer Does it feel like Groundhog’s Day is everyday free kostenlos solitär herunterladen?

With Groundhog’s Day upon us once again I am reminded of the classic movie Groundhog’s Day, starring Bill Murray.

In case you forgot, the film is about a television reporter that is assigned to this event in rural Pennsylvania Download virtual dj for free german. Essentially he keeps repeating the same day over and over again until he finally gets what life and love is all about instagram live videos.

Unfortunately, too many contractors, their sales people and technicians are living this Groundhog’s Day scenario as well, but they’re not getting what it’s all about app apple tv.

Failing the same way over-and-over

What I mean is that poor performers tend to get themselves into a rut and continue to normalize poor performance.

Each day is essentially the same.

Trotting out the same sales routine, or ‘dog and pony’ show that never seems to resonate with their customers. Even the excuses sound the same. Day-in, day-out they blame the economy, the call, the customer, whatever political party is in office or even the weather for their lackluster performance.

Groundhog’s day is not good in sales

And you and your team can no longer afford to be lulled into this poor performance ground hog trance.

High performance sales professionals find new opportunity each and every day. The reason that new opportunities are found where others cannot see them is simple…

Top performers are students of their customer.

Therefore, I think we can all agree that if each and every customer is unique and that we will learn something that others have not if we would only take the time to listen to them and learn.

5 simple hacks to be a student of your customer

  1. Your #1 job on every call is to make a friend with the customer. Put aside selling and simply go into the call with the intention of making a friend and doing everything you can to make sure that new friend has a home that is safe and comfortable.
  2. Clear your filters and let go of assumptions. We all have filters which we use to view and interpret the world. These filters are assumptions, assessments or judgements based on past experiences.The good news is that these filters give us shortcuts for decision making. The bad news is that often our filters can get in the way of truly learning about our customers because before we even gotten to know them, we’ve judged them and made our mind up about who they are.
  3. Learn every family member’s first name. Find out about every family member in the home and learn their first names. This will get you in the habit of discovering specifically how each person is impacted by your service (HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical).
  4. Ask a lot more questions. This is a biggie. Force yourself to learn about your customer by asking questions. Learn about their home, their work, what they like to do, the system and the family. Remember, this call is not about you, it’s about them.
  5. Listen more than speak. In other words… shut up and let them talk. Great sales performers have trained themselves to be fantastic listeners. They do this by truly letting go of their agenda, focusing on the customer and listening intently to every word spoken. Resist the temptation to get on your soapbox and start preaching to them how smart you are, what you know and your life story.

Create the change to succeed

If you find yourself or your sales team failing, then do you and them a favor and break the monotony of your Groundhog’s Day trance and do something different… Be a student

Doesn’t if figure that if you get poor results with the methods you use now that creating change instead of waiting for it may be just what it takes to succeed?

So don’t delay, take action on these 5 hacks and start learning more about your customer in order to provide Pure Motive Service that will make your customers feel great and increase your sales.