Here’s Why Your Company is Losing Opportunities (and How to Fix it!)

By: Joe Crisara


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

I wish I could take credit for that one, because it’s dead-on accurate, but it was actually Henry Ford who said that.

And when you look at what today’s contracting business is like, it really hits home for us, too.

To be truly customer focused in our business means that you have to meet the needs of your customer in terms of the quality of your communication with them, the service you provide, and the timeframe in which you deliver that service… even when the opportunity comes in after hours.

In other words, you have to do what you do better than all your competitors, and you have to DO IT NOW Download free sheet music.

What it Means to Have a “Do it Now” Philosophy

Adopting a “Do It Now” philosophy is the ultimate customer focused program that centers itself on amazing service that your competitors just don’t deliver.

When your entire organization understands and executes their piece of your process with a “do it now” mindset, you differentiate your company and create a win-win-win scenario for your company, your employees, and your customer.

Creating a “do it now” culture requires that everyone in the organization is in sync and working toward the same goal of not only putting the customer before everything else, but doing everything they can to help their fellow employees to provide the right solutions to your customers right now herunterladen.

Here are several tips to get your “do it now” culture started today in every department of your company.

What “Do it Now” Looks Like by Department

Being customer focused means that when a call comes in, you book the call now for a time when the customer wants it booked. It’s true that some calls are more urgent and take priority over others, but the initial call to the CSR is no time to put the customer on hold and try to arrange calls. The “do it now” CSR books the call right now and trusts that dispatch will prioritize the calls and reschedule as needed later apps herunterladen macbook.

The one constant in any dispatch department is change. Scheduling, rescheduling, and prioritizing service and sales calls means that your dispatchers should be on the lookout for the highest priority call at all times. “Do it now” dispatchers are always prepared to change the schedule at the drop of a hat and get the best possible person to the highest priority call right now.

Service Techs:
When your tech is in the customer’s home, they have to be ready to make a fast and accurate decision about whether to do a repair, or turn the call over to a salesperson. A “do it now” tech has to quickly consider what’s best for the customer, what’s best for the company, and whether or not the customer is serious about making a replacement decision. It’s an important decision because when the tech turns a lead over to a salesperson, they’re moving the customer to the front of the line, likely taking another customer’s spot on the schedule.

The salesperson has to be ready to roll at all times when the tech and the customer needs them. A “do it now” salesperson understands that there’s no such thing as a 9 to 5 work week. Days, nights, weekends, and holidays, the on call tech (and the company) has to have complete faith that the salesperson will step up each and every time they’re needed.

How to Incentivize a “Do it Now” Attitude

“Do it now” opportunities are based on priority. They’re more premium opportunities that require your team to go above and beyond, not just a cash grab for the company.

If you want your people to adopt a “do it now” mentality, consider rewarding them for their extraordinary efforts in these situations…

If you were a tech who handed off a solid lead at 9pm on a Friday night that turned into a $10,000 sale for the company, would you feel appreciated (or even motivated to do it again) if you got $50 for your effort? It’s almost insulting, really.

The solution here is to set aside 10% – 20% (1% to 2% of the total sale) of the salesperson’s commission to reward your tech. Your tech will become a “do it now” lead setter, and you’ll find that your salespeople are more than happy to share when they know they’re getting solid leads set by a “do it now” tech.

If you want your installers to adopt a “do it now” attitude and be ready to go when a great opportunity comes along, institute a bonus for these situations that’s about 30% of their normal 40 week pay. In other words, a $15 per hour installer at 40 hours earns $600. When you need them to “do it now”, the bonus should be around 30% of that number, so $200.

Internal Support People:
In a “do it now” situation, you might need the help of any number of support people. Inventory personnel, for instance. If you want these support people to have the same urgency and “do it now” attitude as the rest of your staff after hours, pay them a flat incentive of $75 plus their overtime rate.

The bottom line is: If you want your staff to adopt a “do it now” attitude and be there for your company when opportunity knocks, show them how much you appreciate the effort.

Well-rewarded employees who feel appreciated will move mountains for you!

The Connectivity of Your “Do it Now” Culture

The important thing to remember about building a “do it now” culture is that it requires buy-in from each and every department in your company. It can’t happen with just a few people or one department on-board.

You need everyone operating together, working toward the common goal of providing premium service to your customers and capitalizing on profitable opportunities for the company no matter what time those opportunities occur.

It’s difficult for a tech to maintain an opportunity-seeking, “do it now” attitude toward sales opportunities when they know there’s nobody on the team ready or willing to help them execute the sale.

Without total faith that dispatch is ready at any moment to properly prioritize calls, your CSR’s will be tempted to do it themselves, drawing out the “book the call” process, lessening the customer’s experience, and making the whole system inefficient.

If your techs don’t have a “do it now” attitude about making good lead turnover decisions, your salespeople won’t be as ready or motivated to answer the call of duty at a moment’s notice for what they consider “another weak opportunity.”

You need them all on the same page… and they all need each other.

Remember what Henry Ford said…

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

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