If The “Dog Whisperer” Was Your Sales Manager

By: Joe Crisara

Controlling Toxic Behavior

In this day and age of hundreds of TV channels to watch as well as internet videos, I have found a particular show that I run across every now and then. I must say that this television series really fascinates my wife Julie and I. The show that I am talking about is called the “Dog Whisperer” and it features a gentleman whose name is Cesar Millan führerschein lernen kostenlosen. This man who has a such a “magic touch” with our canine friends came, from humble beginnings growing up in Mexico before he eventually transformed into the mega-star he is today. He counts people like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith as some of his closest friends.

Each week Cesar faces a seemingly out of control dog whose owners have given up on trying to train their pet and cannot cope any longer with this “toxic” behavior die sims 1 kostenlos herunterladen. These dogs are driving every one crazy, except one person. An that person is Cesar.

Never Uses Force

His techniques to tame these wild and dangerous beasts never include force. Instead, his amazing arsenal utilizes principles such as leadership, positive energy, relationships, self-discipline and change. It is truly amazing to see the difference he makes in the lives of those he touches dateien von filezilla herunterladen. He basically helps these dogs feel like a productive member of their family by giving them responsibilities.

I am drawn in by the calm and poise that Cesar maintains in the face of what seems like insurmountable problems that we have all seen in dogs that appear so mad and angry and that tend to do the wrong thing. His amazing arsenal utilizes things like “Giving the dog a job” or “Walking in front of the dog at all times.” It is truly amazing the difference and the transformation he makes in the lives of those he touches windows 8.1 iso datei herunterladen.

Sales Pros Could “Whisper” Too

As a sales manager or a sales person you could learn from watching Cesar and the way he goes about his job. Every week like you, Cesar helps his people (dog owners) overcome their greatest challenges by helping them and their pets find their true potential. He does this not by force, but instead by helping our canine friends “discover” the right thing to do to become the dog they were always meant to be.

As he says at the beginning of each show, he “rehabilitates dogs” and “trains people”. While his approach is meant exclusively for dogs, I have found a lot of his philosophy applies very well to sales people. You will never succeed by forcing anything but by discovering the right thing to do. Here are some of the principle I have “discovered” in his system that may help you reach your dreams.

1. Be calm, poised and assert positive energy.

Cesar tells his clients to establish a leadership role with their dogs by projecting states of both calmness and assertiveness. As a salesperson, no matter how your customer is behaving, you must remain detached, calm and maintain your poise.

After all you have seen this situation before haven’t you? Why be shocked by what clients are doing to you. Just stay calm and respond assertively and keep your poise. Maintain these states no matter what the situation and problem, customer behaviors “miraculously” evaporate. It’s what we all know to be true: Change yourself and those around you will change too. When you give off a aura confidence and capability, people will tend to go with the flow since you seem so consistent and in control.

2. Live in the state of NOW.

Like dogs, you too can live in the moment. Apparently, dogs don’t care about what happened yesterday. Every day represents a fresh start. Don’t worry things in the past because you cannot control those things any longer. If you keep focusing on bad things that you think are about to happen then you create a self fulfilling prophecy which will indeed make those things come true.

Instead, forget the past, and be like the person who remains focused on getting this job and what it will take to do just that. They key is to listen, and then have a response that makes sense as to why you should do this job. Think in terms of the present and the future and you are well on your way.

3. Practice every day, discipline and passion.

This is Cesar’s secret formula for a balanced, healthy dog. He realized along time ago that a dog without a job is an unhappy one that will act out in terrible and unproductive ways. I would say the same applies to sales people. Remember to never think you are failing. If you lost a job, learn from it and get back home later and practice the technique that will stop the bleeding. Practicing your sales skills, techniques and strategies will release frustration and stress. Have the self-discipline necessary to achieve your greatest potential.

What Is Your Passion To Help Your Team?

Reflect on your passion for doing this work of providing solutions to your customers that are higher quality than your competitor. If you have the passion to think that you are a better choice for your customer then you will hang in there during the toughest objections and get the job when others with less passion would have quit.

Watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. Watch how the principle of what this show can do for your sales. The one lesson I know you will be amazed at is that even an old dog can learn new tricks.

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