Indulging In Anger Will Not Get Results

By: Joe Crisara

The Undisciplined Manager Will Not Get Results

As a manager of your service or sales team have you ever give in to anger by raising your voice or even worse screaming at your team? To gratify yourself by giving into your impulses and allowing someone to get you angry shows your lack of discipline as a manager. Your team will use this weakness against you skype voor desktop downloaden. It is the proverbial crack in your armor. If they know how to push your buttons and get you angry, they are able to achieve a pretty high level of control over you. Essentially you give your team the power to manipulate you as a leader.

The salespeople may say something to make you act out in anger and then use your negative energy as justification for their own poor behavior pets 2 kostenlos downloaden. They may say, “Who could sell anything working for a lunatic like that?”

Others will agree with that person because you have been upset with them before as well. Pretty soon, there is a new leader, and it is that very person who was in the back of the room making those negative comments. He is now in charge and holding court, with all the other team members trying to turn the tables against you foto's download van flickr. Stay in control of your emotions, and everyone will respect your leadership.

The Time for Affection

Remember that the sequence of events that will lead you to be able to show your people affection is simple. The sequence and elements in the formula are in this order:

1. To always exercise your team first – Practice

2. Then discipline and accountability to the training

3. Finally give affection for the effort and results

Let’s look at these three principles with a bit more detail.

Exercise First

Has this person shown that they are willing to perform all the training activities you have assigned them?

  • Do they check in with you when you have asked them to?
  • Do they complete whatever administrative duties you have asked of them?
  • Do they participate and contribute in some way to the group?
  • Do they practice role playing common sales scenarios?
  • Do they perform their share of the workload?

Discipline Second

Are they holding themselves and you accountable? Or do always have to do this?

  • Are they open to or do they actively seek your feedback?
  • Do they review their results and take action to improve?
  • Do they take responsibility for the results they are achieving?
  • Are they in a calm state of mind where affection would mean anything?


Evaluate if the time is right for giving affection.

  • Have you questioned and disciplined all previous problems?
  • By giving affection, what behavior are you hoping will be repeated?
  • Is the person in an open state of mind where this affection will mean something?
  • Will employees meet your affection with sarcasm or genuine gratitude?

As you can tell, there is a lot to consider before you start stroking people in your pack. Remember, if you are not making these considerations, you may be rewarding poor performance or behaviors and, by doing so, you are likely to see those dysfunctions play out over and over again. In fact, consider your rewarding people with affection at the wrong time may be the only thing that is causing problems with your team.

The Leader Sets The Tone

Also, remember that as the leader of the pack, you must be the most disciplined of all. Your pack is always looking to you as an example of how to behave and perform their daily duties. If you display a calm, assertive attitude, hold yourself accountable to timelines, organize your desk and your activities and involve yourself in the activities you prescribe, your pack will also display those same characteristics and will be a reflection of you.