International Assignment Agreement Deutsch

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Thanks to our geographical and cultural diversity, we take advantage of our entrepreneurial challenge and encourage enthusiastic young employees to take on international tasks and gain experience. The transfer of knowledge is achieved through the project management that we pass on as an international business development department and our clients. Our international program combines local knowledge with global knowledge, but one thing is certain: we cannot fend for ourselves. We are at your disposal with internationally standardized procedures and guidelines, all of which are managed by headquarters. We help you prepare for your work, and we help you and your family in your new country – helping you find a place to live, for example, or schools for your children. With a clear strategy, we help you coordinate and simplify international mobility programs. The customer is required to inform us of any existing global transfers, particularly to a bank or factoring bank. We use our geographical and cultural diversity and encourage our promising employees to seek international contracts to gain experience from a global perspective. Our international intervention programs combine local knowledge with global knowledge We provide you with methods to measure and target the cost-effectiveness of your international interventions. We have long-standing international response programs that enable us to meet the most pressing international challenges facing our clients at a lower cost, not to mention the barriers associated with time zones and international travel. We help you improve your international intervention policy on the basis of global benchmarks.

Working at Daimler means you have all the advantages of owning an international company. A global task is a rewarding, professional and personal experience. The possibilities are almost endless: different periods of stay, different countries and different sectors of activity. The obstacles associated with time zones and international zones do not matter to us. Internationality is also great on our German sites: global intersections, international teams and interconnected work processes around the world. Even if, for now, you can`t imagine going abroad for a few years, you can still watch the world with us.

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