Is It Time To Get Committed?

By: Joe Crisara

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You may have heard that most sales people who struggle just lack commitment. You may have wondered what that statement really means. Specifically, for me it means to be committed to bringing the transaction to a conclusion after you have made a presentation of your solutions program to videos.

This final step sounds easy but do sales people really commit to this?

Commit To a Conclusion

By being the one who acts to conclude the interaction, you have the advantage amazon gekaufte musik herunterladen. As does anyone who takes action as opposed to those who are in the habit of waiting to do anything.

For the top flight sales person, here are only 4 outcomes to any sales situation:

1. You got the job.

2. You did NOT get the job.

3. You disqualified yourself.

4. You set a deadline for a conclusion.

Getting the job or losing the job is easy to understand. However, disqualifying yourself and setting a deadline are much more difficult. This is what defines greatness from mediocrity.

The Disqualification

A great sales person uses this technique as a “truth serum” on their customers when faced with a “think-it-over” or stall. They simply make their presentation and if the customer starts to delay the sales person does a trial disqualification.

“If you still need more time at this point, obviously I made a poor presentation. Why don’t we just admit you are going to buy elsewhere and not from me.” They might say.

If the buyer is not interested they will allow the sales person to leave. But, if they have any interest at all they will start to sell the sales person on why they are still alive thereby keeping the close active.

Setting a Deadline

In certain situations the buyer really does need more time. In this case a heavy hitter will be sure set a firm date and time to return and bring the sale to a conclusion. For the mediocre performer it appears to them anyway, that things are coming to close as they wait for a return phone call but alas, it is a mirage.

Your sale is on life support. Learn when it is time to “pull the plug” on this patient. This can be very difficult for you or your people to understand. Taking action to control when you will conclude the process gives you a much higher credibility than those who choose to wait for their answer.

How do you know you are deluding yourself into thinking you might get the job?

1. When you left after making your presentation and did not set a time and date to return.

2. When you have given the buyer exactly what they wanted but still did not close.

Luck can sometimes prevail and you can be fooled by occasionally getting a job after being stalled. But if you learn how to do a “trilal disqualification” with those buyers who are just not interested in your product or service you will sell more. “Clarify” the sales process you will immediately start to improve your results.