Looking At The Truth Straight On

By: Joe Crisara

Look At the Truth

Have you ever watched a football or baseball team where the coach or manager refused to look at the truth download picasa web albums?

Unless your favorite team recently won the championship, it is likely that your team currently has this issue. Perhaps the coach of your team has fallen in love with some of his favorite players because he personally drafted them in a higher round herunterladen. Or maybe the player has performed particularly well in the past for this coach and helped to win a championship in past years.Whatever the reason, he desperately wants them to succeed and now this refusal to look at the truth straight on becomes toxic musik herunterladen auf mp3 player.

He is now their “buddy” and he is blind to their unproductive results that are happening right now. He simply cannot see the writing on the wall. The lazy man’s way is to just “ride it out” and hope things turn around. Successful coaches in sports or in sales are never afraid of facing the truth no matter how hard it is to look at it.

The Vacation Is Over

I think a lot of people who sell their services have taken a vacation from reality and are a lot like these losing coaches. Instead of adjusting themselves to meet the challenges of this new year, they have given themselves a free pass and blame their lack of results on competitors, politics and yes I know you’re as sick of hearing it as I am, the economy.

Stop Believing In Negative Outcomes

Live in the moment and stop fantasizing about gloom and doom scenarios that have not even happened yet. The national news media is playing the public as chumps. Many of you are unaware of how you are being persuaded by them each day. They do this to get you to watch what will happen next. Just tune into their channel and find out more while they reap the rewards of your pain through ad revenue.

As is the case in most championship games in any sport, if either the winning or losing team believed the media, they would have been at home watching the game. As they are usually both not picked to even be a part of their sports “ultimate game.”

Can We Get Real?

Let’s get real. We all have weaknesses and strengths. Your frailties are just opportunities for improvement if you can just put your ego on the shelf and admit you have these weaknesses. Stop ignoring the cold facts. Perhaps you can’t handle objections or can’t handle the fact that your services are priced higher than competitors. Maybe you talk too much or have trouble creating a connection with clients. The first step in any recovery program is to admit you have a problem. Then the healing can begin. Take a page from the playbook of the championship teams and face the truth.

Vince Lombardi once said that he scouted against his own team to find out what other teams would try to exploit as a weakness. He then drilled his players relentlessly to make that weakness a strength. What’s your weakness. I suggest you scout yourself and face you challenges head on. Like Lombardi you will soon find that your weaknesses turn into a strength, turning you into a true sales champion.

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