Mexico Sugar Suspension Agreement

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The trade agreements were reached after U.S. sugar producers successfully argued in 2014 that subsidized and “dumped” sugar from Mexico had done significant harm to U.S. sugar producers. The agreements limit, among other things, the quantity and nature (refined compared to the “others”) of sugar, time frames and delivery methods. Mexico`s sugar exports to the United States have been tariff-free and unlimited since January 1, 2008 under the North American Free Trade Agreement. On June 14, 2017, the ministry issued the draft amendments to the agreements signed by the signatories. The Department reviewed stakeholder comments and comments as it finalized the amendments to the agreements. Trade consulted with Mexican sugar producers/exporters and stakeholders and reviewed stakeholder comments on the proposed amendment to the AD agreement. On 15 January 2020, trade and a representative of sugar producers/exporters, who accounted for most of all sugar imports from Mexico, signed a final amendment to the AD agreement, after reviewing the comments of the interested party. Amendment 2020, incorporated into the AD agreement (the amended AD agreement), authorizes the export of Mexican sugar to the United States in accordance with the collective conditions set out in it.

On June 1, 2018, the Tribunal found that there was “a sufficiently reasonable basis to believe that the minutes were incomplete” and ordered the A.O..C. to provide additional information by July 11, 2018 by “submitting to the court the minutes of each ex parte meeting.” The SCC argued that the A.A.`s inability. O.C to provide a full registration, in violation of federal law, was fundamentally damaging and had to invalidate the underlying U.S.-Mexico sugar trade agreements. To view a fact sheet on this agreement, please click HERE. In the case, CSC Sugar said that among those who allegedly made private communications with the D.O. C, the leaders of The largest U.S. sugar refineries, “whose centuries-old refineries have benefited from a key change that was inaugurated by the July 2017 agreement between the United States.

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