The 4 “Be’s” Of Great Service

By: Joe Crisara

The 4 “Be’s” Of Great Service

How do you know when you are providing great service browser chrome? Go through the “4 Be’s” Of Great Service below to see how you measure up. Many people feel that great service is one-sided.

They feel as if you as the service provider must do everything a client tells you to do right or wrong download sims 4 vampire for free german. Great service is provided when the stakes are equal. You are working “with” your clients and not “for” your clients.

You are equal partners in that the client must want your service and you must determine whether the client’s request is the right thing to do or the wrong thing netflix program. Whether you find that you are a good fit for each client or not, be happy that they found the path that is right for them.

Be Skeptical

Make sure that you are convinced that you can help you clients while being able to honor your value system. Do not proceed to a presentation unless you are convinced you are the solution. Do not sell your services to those that do not want or need your service. Make the case for leaving things “as is” will find out the truth. That truth is whether a person really needs or wants your service or not. Also, wasting the client’s time by trying to sell what is not wanted by your client is the first glimpse of bad service. The dynamic should be that the customer needs YOUR solutions. Not that you desperately need the customer.

Be a Student

Listen and learn. Do not reveal information about yourself by words. Reveal who you are by your actions. Learn about the technical issues and also learn about the people that are affected by them. Find out the “real why” and the “why now.” Find who is directly involved in the decision and also who else will be influencing it as well. Finally find “when” the decision will be made and what are they asking you for and then what else can you tell them that they did not know before making a presentation. Be flexible in your agenda and always allow time for a relationship to begin to take shape. A great service person makes an emotional investment in every client they serve. Allowing yourself to focus on people and their needs and not on yours will create great service value for your client.

Be In Motion

People are more likely to tell you the truth and also feel more comfortable when you are directing their energy towards another activity when you ask them questions. Keep moving to hear the truth. Show the client you respect their time by doing what is necessary to engineer the job while you also ask questions about the people that will use the solutions. The essence of great service is to DO something for someone. Not standing around while you interrogate the client. Ask your questions while in motion and the whole experience will be a lot more pleasant for you and them.

Be Determined

Going into your presentation are you still a bit skeptical? Ask yourself why? Then ask your clients to clear up or provide the things that are still missing that are required to provide a solution. If you are being restricted from finding the answers you need then be prepared to disqualify yourself because you are so determined to do your job the right way. However, once you have everything you need to make an “on-code” presentation of your solutions you should be determined to deliver the highest level of service. The first demonstration of great service is when a client is indecisive about whether they should move forward or not. Either you are determined to not leave and take the additional time to help them figure out what they should do or you leave and tell them to “call me back” when they figure it out. Great service providers are determined to provide the highest level of service to people you want and need that service. Bad service providers quit at the first sign of client resistance or when the going gets tough.

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