“The Big Brother We Never Had…”

By: Joe Crisara

Consultant Is a Dirty Word

“We call them consultants, and to many it is a dirty word, and one that means spend a lot of money and get little in return ab durch die hecke pc spiel kostenlos downloaden.

Well I and my staff and company just had Joe Crisara of ContractorSelling.com at our company for the last four days and all I can say is incredible herunterladen. “When I met Joe some three weeks ago at one of his seminars, I thought “Boy, I need him to help get my HVAC division making money.” So I booked Joe to come to Boston download ios beta. Mind you I was very scared that my staff would take the attitude that here we go another guy who was going to tell us what we are doing wrong then split wie mms herunterladen. That was far from the case.

Respectful Of Our Staff

Joe was very warm, sensitive, and respectful of all our staff macbook fotoen. He went about getting to know who we were, what we did, how we did it, and then began to share his views. His approach to our problems, needs and what direction we should take and how to begin he was right on target microsoft publisher 2013 kostenlos downloaden.

On the last day, my managers got together and told Joe what they thought. The conversation went like this, “We made our money back the first day you were here with your thoughts and ideas.”

Joe also helped us implement a change in roles for present general manger, who excepted his new role as service manger of the HVAC and Electrical Division with open arms and excitement. I guess I share this story not as a sales pitch for Joe, even though it sounds like it, but only to say their are people out their that really want to see others become successful and participate in the process.

Thank you Joe for all your help and as we said when you left , you are not our consultant, you are the big brother we never had. Look forward to see you back in three weeks. Your friend, Michael Pann, Owner Pann Homes Services Cambridge, MA”


Michael Pann, Owner
Pann Homes Services
Cambridge, MA