The “Silver Bullet” of Sales

By: Joe Crisara

Is There a “Silver Bullet?”

Whenever I work with sales managers who are failing, I notice that they all talk about the immediate issues going on with their salespeople and are looking for the “quick fix” or “silver bullet” answer from me xing kontakte downloaden.

Most of them have given up and think they have already thought of everything. The one thing they haven’t thought of is to zoom out and look at the big picture, which includes their own behavior and how it contributes or even causes an issue to occur ballerspiele kostenlos downloaden.

Problem Is Always “Out There”

The same thing happens when I listen to salespeople Download ms word full version for free. They zoom in and obsess over an issue that the buyer is having and, of course, never consider how they may have caused this issue in the first place. They make excuses like, “Our prices are too high!” or “They were just shopping for a price.” All the reasons they cite are focused on blaming the buyer.

You see, the problem always seems to be ” out there” with someone or something else and not with themselves and how their actions may have caused the issue. Why is this problem with looking at oneself such a common one? I think that to look at what you are doing or not doing is painful especially if you are trying to protect your ego.

Salespeople love to focus on specific objections from specific people regarding specific situations rather than to look at the big picture in order to understand what caused the objection in the first place.

Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

If you are ready to put your ego aside and look at the responses that might turn a situation around, here are a few of the “greatest hits” of sales objections. Without further ado:

Object-o-Matic’s Greatest Hits



BUYER: “Your prices are too high.”

YOU: “I understand. It is a high investment nut. Can I ask you a question? When was the last time you purchased the finest quality service and it was cheap?”

BUYER: “Hmmmm. Never!”

YOU: “So what should we do?”

BUYER: “Okay, we’ll take the second one from the top.”



BUYER: “I need to talk to my husband.”

YOU: “I agree your husband should have his input on this so can I ask you a question? If he were here, which option would he purchase – the more premium option or the more economical one?

BUYER: “The one in the middle.”

YOU: “So what should we do?”

BUYER: “Yeah, let’s do that one for now.”



BUYER: “Your competitor has a lower price than you.”

YOU: “I agree that a premium company like ours is a higher investment but that’s because we put the most quality into our work. Can I ask you something? What corners are our competitors cutting to make their price so low?”

BUYER: “I’m not sure.”

YOU: “So what should we do?”

BUYER: “Go ahead with the top option.”

There you have it. Different responses on your part will yield a different outcome. If you are struggling, any outcome is better than the one you are getting. Don’t give up on trying different things to respond to your buyer. If you do, you will find that the “silver bullet” is you.

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