The Tale Of Two Contractors

By: Joe Crisara

The Tale of Two Contractors

There are two service-contracting businesses in a small city adobe acrobat dc pro download kostenlos. One business is owned by John and the other by Ashley. Both are owner operated – good quality – family foundation – fair prices – suitable locations chrome herunterladen ubuntu. But that’s where the similarity ends.

John’s Business

  • John is exhausted – rarely gets a day off
  • He is overworked because of staff turnover Download microsoft cliparts for free.
  • Training takes too long and is too expensive.
  • Seems John is the only one who can do things right
  • John is making a lot less money than last year
  • Costs have risen and revenue is shrinking
  • John is no idiot he knows costs are too high
  • He just can’t pinpoint exactly where the problem is
  • John needs a better system, and he’s going to invent it by himself

Ashley’s Business

  • Ashley’s business is in good shape
  • She gets paid her for work and also gets a 20% net profit for a return on her investment
  • Her staff is empowered to make good decisions because she communicates expectations
  • She on-boards new employees so she can hold them accountable
  • She holds training, coaching and accountability meetings with her staff weekly
  • Margins are good enough so she can pay them above market wage
  • Ashley even gets regular time off and is home at a decent hour with her family
  • Ashley has her service team give clients solution options
  • Ashley has implemented best practices using a proven system

Oh yeah, Ashley attended the Super Service Summit in 2013 and learned methods to create high conversion, better customer service, tripled her sales and net profit app herunterladen ohne anmeldung.

One of the biggest changes was to create a sales culture in her company that included giving all clients options and also hiring a performance coach to hold the team accountable… Advice like that is priceless fortnite original herunterladen. Advice she got while at the Super Service Summit

Unfortunately for John, he doesn’t have anywhere to go for good advice – or to even bounce ideas around. He keeps asking friends and family for ideas and they just tell him to lower his prices. Attend the Super Service Summit in San Antonio, Texas on March 5-7, 2014 and get new ideas and learn from those who have a proven track record of success.

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With warm regards,

Joe Crisara