FREE E-book: Business Case For Sales Training

By: Joe Crisara

Selling To Bean Counters

I received a desperate sounding phone call last week from a sales manager at a service company in the mid-west. He informed me that he thought our material was great and that he wanted to send several techs to one of our upcoming Total Immersion Summits and 5-Week after coaching experience.

There Was One Problem

When he tried to raise the prospect of investing in sales training for the techs, sales people and himself the CFO of the company gave a host of reasons why they could NOT possibly invest in such a program at this time.

He called me to ask if their was a “business case” for sales training that he could present to the owner of the company to convince him that the “Bean Counter” was a bit off in his thinking. I then thought about it for a few hours and came up with this e-book below. Enjoy it and use it by all means to sell your company’s bean counter on this important message.

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