Has The Word Service Become Generic?

BY: Julie Crisara

Last month, from my home in Templeton, Calif., I planned a wedding shower for my sister and future brother-in-law, who live in the Chicagoland area. As I started to make all the necessary phone calls to find a venue, caterer, flowers and so on, I quickly realized that even in a down economy, some companies just never get it when it comes to providing good service. Had the word service become generic like Kleenex or Jell-O?

I called various companies and explained this was the first wedding shower I had ever planned for my one and only baby sister, that I wanted it to be very special and, well, perfect. Continue reading “Has The Word Service Become Generic?”

Fashion Meets Function In Home Energy Improvements

BY: Joe Crisara

Watch this funny video on “Confessions of A Boiler Room Junkie” by Gwendolyn Bounds of the Wall Street Journal. Then read her article on how more and more consumers are doing “mechanical makeovers” when it comes to their residential heating and cooling home improvement needs by clicking on the link below the image.