Joe Crisara: ‘Build It And They Will Come’? Not Without Marketing

BY: Julie Crisara


service-marketingWhen it comes to marketing, companies too often focus on promoting their products but neglect to highlight their services. It’s a huge mistake. We spoke with Joe Crisara, a longtime service contractor and CEO of ContractorSelling, about why marketing must be the No. 1 priority of every service organization, why word-of-mouth advertising falls short and how easy-to-use online tools can attract customers and provide valuable insights into a company’s marketing efforts.

What is the value of marketing for field service firms, and why should they spend time and money on it?

There are really three parts to every growing company, and two are the most important. Marketing is No. 1. It’s important to make promises to the community about what your company does better than other companies. If you don’t market, there’s no reason to be in business. No. 2 is the ability to execute on those promises. No. 3 is the operation of the company. A lot of times companies grow the wrong way by putting operations first and thinking that if they build it, customers will come. Once the initial blast goes through friends and family, they realize that marketing is extremely important.

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Selling To Americans Like a Communist?

BY: Joe Crisara

It Started Wars

There may be some of you who remember, as I do, that there was a time during the 1950’s thru the 1980’s that wars were literally started to prevent the spread of communism throughout the world. Although we are far removed from the era of “the communists are coming” I see a lot of what defines communism in the mediocre performers in many service businesses in our country.

At the heart of communism is that nobody should have something more outstanding or better than the average person. Whatever one person gets, so should everyone.

That brings me to a question I must ask all of you in the service contracting industry. Are you aware of the spread of communism that may be spreading throughout your company starting with your mediocre performers? Continue reading “Selling To Americans Like a Communist?”

Great Service: The Knife That Cuts Through Hard Times

BY: Joe Crisara

Cut Through Hard Times

Although we try hard to not listen to the news we realize that the world around us as we know it is changing rapidly and for independent businesses in the contracting industry, mostly not for the better. Many of you that started out as a family enterprise are now struggling with the many challenges that face us going into the new millennium.

This is especially true when it comes to our industry. It only takes a moment of listening to the news to hear about the difficult economy. People are working more hours for minimum wage and small businesses are devastated by the lost jobs and the demolition of the local economy. Continue reading “Great Service: The Knife That Cuts Through Hard Times”