Selling To Americans Like a Communist?

BY: Julie Crisara

By: Joe Crisara – Contractor Selling
It Started Wars

There may be some of you who remember, as I do, that there was a time during the 1950’s thru the 1980’s that wars were literally started to prevent the spread of communism throughout the world. Although we are far removed from the era of “the communists are coming” I see a lot of what defines communism in the mediocre performers in many service businesses in our country.

At the heart of communism is that nobody should have something more outstanding or better than the average person. Whatever one person gets, so should everyone.

That brings me to a question I must ask all of you in the service contracting industry. Are you aware of the spread of communism that may be spreading throughout your company starting with your mediocre performers?

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Plumbing Marketing Podcast

BY: Julie Crisara

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7 Mistakes Of Bad Sales Managers

BY: Julie Crisara

By: Joe Crisara Contractor Selling

Being a sales manager or anyone who is accountable for the results of your sales team is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It requires a thorough knowledge of marketing, sales techniques, pricing and above all profit. In the end, the manager or owner is ALWAYS to blame when results are poor and never get credit for success.

Who would take this job? I thought it might be helpful to provide some advice for sales managers that I have learned in my travels.

Here is the list of the biggest mistakes that sales manager make when trying to get and maintain good or great results from their team:

MISTAKE #1: The Customer Is Always Right – This long standing myth is completely untrue. I know the customer IS important but can they always be right? A manager can overlook when their employees are right to NOT take a job from a customer when the situation is not favorable to the company.

After all, the employee is the contact with the customer and is responsible for maintaining the customer relationship. When customers learn they can bypass the employee and get what they want by going to the manager, you will lose the credibility of your pricing structure with your employees. You can’t enter every negotiation starting from the point that the customer always gets everything they want before you even begin.

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