21 Paths To Persuasion – Part 2

BY: Joe Crisara

Remember that in all walks of life the reality is that persuasion exists. Whether you are trying to persuade your kids or spouse at home or if we are attempting to get clients to use our services, it is essential to guide people to a discovery that your ideas are valid. We invite you to continue reading part 2 in our series, The 21 Paths To Perfect Persuasion. What then is ‘perfect’ persuasion?

Persuasion is perfected when the person who changed their mind thought is was their idea and not yours.  In this 2nd issue of this 3-part series we will continue to explore these paths so you can both evaluate and apply new methods to perform your service for your clients: Continue reading “21 Paths To Persuasion – Part 2”

Total Immersion Sales Training Music Video

BY: Joe Crisara

This is the ALL-NEW VOCAL REMIX of the NEW Total Immersion Theme Song which was inspired by all the students who have come to our sales training and succeeded by achieving their goals and making their dreams come true. The video features many photos and shots of our students, the locations and all the gala and fun of attending Total Immersion.

Sing along to the lyrics below or better yet, play it at a service or sales meeting with your guys.

Total Immersion Theme Music Video Lyrics


I know you are good but are you successful, doing the work that you do? Working hard to put food on the table, there’s hardly time left for you. Putting your time in hoping things will improve, but not knowing if they will. Doing the same thing expecting a difference, how much career can you kill?


How many years can you keep up this pace? Are you winning or losing the rat race? Will you breakthrough or settle for second place? Live the life you imagine, get the dreams you embrace


C’mon to Total Immersion, breakthrough to success. Total Immersion, each day will be inspiring and fresh. Total Immersion, learn how to sell, it’s exciting and new. Total Immersion, Just do it for your family and you.


Working in places that nobody wants to, practically breaking your neck. Bustin’ your hump, and getting it done, does it equal a bigger paycheck? You probably think that you’ve tried everything, to make a positive change. Mistaking activity for accomplishment leaves your goals un-attained.


Are you doing as well as your father had hoped you’d do? Living the life that you wanted to? More quality time for your family and you Following principles that not only work, but are true.


C’mon to Total Immersion, you’re gonna’ be the best. Total Immersion, release the brakes don’t settle for less. Total Immersion, your dreams can true, on that I am clear. Total Immersion, calm your frustration, erase all your fears.


You come to the class now will your success last? You’ve been down this road before. Best practice groups and sales gurus, always leave you wanting some more. Believe in yourself enough to try something different. Do you even think that you could? You’ll have to look in the mirror at the end of the day. Will that reflection look good?


Now you go to your job as a partner in profit — you’re like a human ATM. Every call you do results in more money, you do it again and again. Now that you know how the other half lives, you know you could never go back. Your paycheck is bigger than you ever dreamed of and now you’re leading the pack.


Success feels right as you always thought it could. Helping others as you said you would. You’re happy and you got respect from your crew Doing all the things in life you ever wanted to do.


You came to Total Immersion, now you’re the best of the best. Total Immersion, now your locked in you’ll never regress. Total Immersion, you know how to sell, your leading the group. Total Immersion – total happiness for your family and you.

7 Mistakes Of Bad Sales Managers

BY: Joe Crisara

Being a sales manager or anyone who is accountable for the results of your sales team is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It requires a thorough knowledge of marketing, sales techniques, pricing and above all profit. In the end, the manager or owner is ALWAYS to blame when results are poor and never get credit for success.

Who would take this job? I thought it might be helpful to provide some advice for sales managers that I have learned in my travels.

Here is the list of the biggest mistakes that sales manager make when trying to get and maintain good or great results from their team: Continue reading “7 Mistakes Of Bad Sales Managers”

21 Paths To Perfect Persuasion – PART 1

BY: Joe Crisara

The essence of selling is to gain compliance of another person. Nothing in history would ever get done if all we ever did was disagree on everything. (See U.S. Congress)

The following is a list of “paths” to perfect persuasion. What is perfect persuasion? Perfect persuasion is when you have someone who at first want to do things their own particular way, but in the end they agree to doing things your way.

Okay, so that is the essence of persuasion. So what then is “perfect” persuasion? Persuasion is perfected when the person who changed their mind thought is was their idea and not yours. In this 3-part series we will explore the 21 paths to perfect persuasion… Continue reading “21 Paths To Perfect Persuasion – PART 1”