Analysis On Subject Verb Agreement

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Keywords: subject and verb contract, error analysis, Mbau, Anitha Thalib et al. interlingual transmission (2014). An analysis of the errors of theme verb agreement in the written paragraph made by the second semester ntusents of the English department. e-Journal of English Language Teaching Society (ELTS) Vol. 2 No. 2 2 2014 – ISSN 2331-1841. Abstract: This study aims to study the written errors of subject and verb-verbs committed by students of the management department who studied at Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University when they wrote their paragraphs in present form. The error analysis technique was carried out in this research to identify the errors that students face in the contemporary form, identify the types of errors and the causes of errors. The research is a descriptible study with 11 students participating in the study. Research data were collected from 1) students` writings, which focused on students` sentences that contained errors in the specialized verb agreement, and 2) interviews to triangulate student writing data.

The results of the research are: 1) Errors in the agreements of subjects and verbs of students, which are considered the vision of surface taxonomy, in the form of malformation, omission and addition, while considering from the point of view of linguistic categorization, errors in the form of misuse of singular/plural names placed as subject, inappropriate use of verbs and inappropriate use of verbal and nominal phrases in the production of contemporary form. The data analysed also show that errors made by students in the agreement between specialists are classified as local errors. 2) The causes of error are interlingual transmission, intralingual transmission and the deceptive learning context. Research shows that students still have difficulty using correct models of subject and verb adaptation in their writing with contemporary form. Ellis, R. 1986. Understand the second language. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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