Artist Representation Agreement

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Artists are among those who constantly break and innovate the form of society. They work together and rely on each other`s wealth. Others choose to work with organizations to reach most audiences than they could when they work alone. Their work helps support social causes. They pass on their talent to society. And well-written artist agreements are just one way to protect themselves and their skills, talents and works of art from opportunists and unfortunate situations. There are several reasons why it is important to develop a written artist`s convention. An inexperienced painter who wants to enter the scene may have finally found an art gallery to register to present his works. It may be for commissions, a graphic designer whose skills are needed for a short film under the independent film scene. Whatever the particulars of your case, if you are dealing with other external parties and this significantly affects your work of art, you must enter into an artist`s contract. Technological progress has facilitated the manufacture and replication of new art forms. But the copying and repositioning of these art forms, without being attributed to the original artist, have become more and more frequent than fifty years ago.

Aspiring artists use different social networking sites and open forum sites to publish their works, to gain recognition, with the hope of invading the popular and mainstream art scene. However, there are several risks associated with this freedom. Copying and using works as own works is not a new trick in the art industry. There are several notable cases in the past of copyright infringement, which cost a considerable amount of damages. There may be more intellectual property than one might think. Anything that is “distinguishable” such as artistic drawings, slogans or phrases, music, costumes and make-up. Who owns master-recordings, outtakes or the original artwork? What happens when derivative works are created by the artist or by a third party? Will the original artist receive recognition and a line of credit for the original creation in all circumstances? This could help to develop his professional reputation. Each agreement begins with the presentation of the parties participating in the agreement. In an artist`s agreement, parties can repeat functional references such as service providers and clients, especially when the skills of the artists are crucial to the success of an event. In addition to functional references, parties can also use abbreviated versions of their legal license names. Abbreviated versions are preferred over acronyms, unless the organization is no longer recognizable by its corporate acronym. The introduction of both parties at the beginning of the agreement ensures that both parties know who they are dealing with.

In addition, the agreement clarifies and regulates the roles of the parties. 4. Commissions. The agent is entitled to the following commissions; (A) In the case of assignments provided by the agent during the duration of this contract, the percentage of the billing . (B) On the accounts of the house, per cent of the settlement. For the purposes of this Agreement, home accounts are defined as accounts that the artist receives at any time or receives from another agent representing the artist prior to the commencement of this Agreement and contained in the calendar (A) attached to this Agreement. Both parties understand that for orders refused by the artist or for which the artist receives no payment, regardless of why the payment is not made, no commission is paid. In addition, neither in (A) nor in (B) above, there is a need to pay a commission for part of the count, which is due to the costs incurred by the artist during the execution of the assignment, whether or not these costs are reimbursed by the client.

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