Cotswold District Council Section 106 Agreement

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Patrick Moylan, a Save Our Cirenester activist, contradicted the Council`s view that the meeting could take place despite the letter. The final design of the building must be submitted to the City Council for final approval within two years. If the work is granted, it must begin within two years. The Agreement under Section 106 contains legal obligations to ensure that all Community and infrastructure issues are concluded before a number of houses are built. “There is still much to be done – including the satisfaction of Section 106, which I hope will be completed by the summer and meets all the conditions of the resolution,” said a spokesman for Lord Bathurst. “A third councillor, Tony Berry, is also a member.” CIL charges would be based on a “tariff” tariff framework with respect to the size and type of development proposed, so that the Commission can ensure an appropriate level of general infrastructure projects to support the new development. Levy rates are set according to a legal procedure and give developers, from the outset, much more certainty about the money they are supposed to contribute to infrastructure improvements. A portion of the revenue from a CIL would be returned directly to the municipalities where the development is taking place. The “reasonable share,” as it is called, is 15% of the LTC`s revenues, which are limited to $100 per existing tax dwelling, or 25% of the LIL revenues that are not limited when a municipality has a neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development bylaw. The CIL statutes exclude contributions for affordable housing which, instead, continue to fall under S106 obligations.

The public is invited to review the project and the supporting documents that can be found on Copies of the draft loading plan will also be available at Trinity Road Council offices, Cirencester and Moreton Area Centre, as well as in public libraries throughout the District. Comments can be on the CDC website or by collecting forms from Council offices or online at and CIL PDCS Consultation, Cotswold District Council, Trinity Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1PX. “A member of this Council stated that this was necessary to solve Cirencester`s transport problems. Julie commented: “This request was successful because the landowner was able to provide the village with a much-needed benefit and should be considered a good result for everyone.” The owners of The Ebrington Arms have worked with us to ensure this evolution. This included the provision of a footpath allowing pedestrians to walk from the new car park to the centre of the village. This agreement was concluded as part of a Section 106 agreement with the Cotswold District Council, which also guarantees the long-term public use of the car park. The agreement under Section 106 sets out the developer`s obligations to ensure that the needs of the community and infrastructure are met for any new development.

“In the meantime, we will try to discuss with the municipality the site development code, which must then be approved by the city council. It is possible that the first reserve bite application may be submitted at the end of the year, with an on-site launch until the summer of 2019.¬†Projects to build 2,350 homes near Cirencester cleared a major hurdle after Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council signed a Section 106 agreement with the developer.

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