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Man On a Mission

Gerry was a technician on a mission. He was going to try to break the company record for doing the most calls (14) in one day. This day seemed like the perfect storm where everything was in place to set the record.

The boss told him at 7 a.m. that they were swamped with tune-ups and no cooling calls and it was 95 degrees and relative humidity of 87% today. These were just the kind of conditions that would keep the calls rolling in to break the record.

The day started off great. He was on his third call by 9:30 a.m. with the first two calls being A/C tune-ups where nothing was wrong and each call only took around 35 minutes. At 9:35 he received a call from the dispatcher saying that the first call he did now had no cooling. Gerry was livid. This was going to screw up the record for sure.

Headed For a Fall

He quickly finished up the call he was on and hurried back to the first call. Gerry knew this customer always wanted him to use the side door when entering the home so off he went. When he got to the side door, it was wide open. He figured this meant to just come in a start working.

Gerry, still in a major hurry, and with the prospect of doing more than 14 calls in his head, shouted, “Anybody hooooooommmmme?” Oooomph!!! As he walked through the doorway and stepped into a 5-foot trap door that lead to the crawlspace where the customer was getting some garden hoses out for the summer. Gerry caught himself with his left arm as he fell into the trap door opening. He then dropped 5 feet where he laid on top of the garden hoses with a disconnected left shoulder. He began screaming in excruciating pain, every four-letter word known to man! **&@#!!!^*!!

Poor Gerry, There he lay, on the crawlspace floor, wreathing in pain while the customer on his hands and knees recoiled in horror, not two feet away, thanking his lucky stars that Gerry did not fall on him. The customer went upstairs and called the paramedics who took Gerry to the hospital for treatment.

Too Busy To Fail?

Gerry’s company was too busy to send a replacement out to the job or to even get his truck. The truck sat there on the street with the windows open while in rained into Gerry’s truck all night long. All of Gerry’s tools and paperwork were trashed from the water. The customer meanwhile called another company who correctly diagnosed the problem. It turned out the customer had a condensing fan motor that was going off on overload and the customer knew the unit wasn’t working right when he called Gerry’s company for a tune-up.

The customer then called to complain to Gerry’s company for exposing his kids to all the swearing that Gerry did in the crawlspace and also complained that Gerry had ‘ripped him off’ by charging him $49 for a tune-up where he couldn’t find a bad fan motor. He also stopped his check for the $49 payment.

What do you think this customer will tell his friends about Gerry and his company?

Lessons Learned:

Mistakes Gerry, his boss and all of us can learn from:

  1. The only call that is important is the call he is on now. Don’t worry about any future or past calls.
  2. His boss telling the team that they’re swamped takes focus away from performing higher quality.
  3. Gerry thought the company valued speed over quality, reliability & customer service.
  4. Is great service performed by doing more calls? Or by doing more work on fewer calls?
  5. Why is the dispatcher calling Gerry while he is on a job to tell him of his past failure?
  6. If you are going to set a record. Set one for providing the best solutions.

Do yourself a favor and go ahead and share this with your techs before they start running from call to call like Gerry.

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Are You An Engine Or An Anchor? Mon, 17 Jun 2019 17:13:55 +0000 Engine Or Anchor?

I love the use of analogies. One of the prime examples I use is a owner of a contracting company as being the captain of a ship. As the leader you may find yourself heading towards “stormy business weather.” This storm is approaching as your sales revenue is lower than your overhead, field labor and material costs can substantiate. When this happens, you start to take on water. (Go into debt) Soon the whole ship is in danger of sinking.

When you finally wind up in the worst part of the storm the telltale signs are all around you as the captain. The rain of phone calls from vendors looking to collect on what you owe or the lightning of your having to consider a loan, line of credit or even take money out of your own pocket, just to make payroll this week are just a few of the signs that your ship is indeed in trouble.

All Hands On Deck

As the captain it is your duty to get your ship and the crew out of here and into clear waters and blue skies. “All hands on deck!” you scream. As you look around your “ship” you see that some of the crew members are not pulling their weight while others are doing all they can to help. And that is the problem in a nutshell.

Take a walk around your company and look at each employee. Sure when the “sales weather” was great, you hardly noticed some of the crew taking a break on the sun deck while other rowed away. Now, when it is slow, there is no room for slackers. EVERYONE must pull the oar and get us out of the storm. Ask yourself while examining each person in your company, “Is this employee an engine or an anchor?”

Your Instincts Are Evidence

I really believe that an owner or manager “instinctively” know when an employee is an “anchor” that is holding the ship back from sailing into clear waters. I have to tell you that I believe that instincts are over-rated when it comes to management. I believe that instincts are really the feeling you get when faced with small bits of hard evidence that the manager or owner has observed.

Some of the hard evidence I am talking about is an employee who…

  • Routinely comes in late or goes home early

  • Shows up absent with no notice or phone call

  • Doesn’t bother to wear the “whole” company uniform

  • Rarely brings in enough revenue to even cover their own wage

  • Specializes in creating call-backs

  • Blows off company meetings

  • Talks bad about other employees behind their back

  • Shows no respect for their truck

  • Bring more excuses than results

  • Never meets or thinks about his financial weekly goals

  • Even your GPS can’t figure out where he is

Anchors Away

The answer to your problems is to release all anchors now and activate all engines to propel your ship. I always framed this problem as an opportunity. After all someone who is not happy following all your “silly rules” would be happier an more productive working somewhere that excellence doesn’t matter. Once you decide to not tolerate poor performance you will find it easy to steer the course to beautiful, sunny and profitable waters.