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We have GREAT NEWS to share with all of you fernsehfilm downloaden! As you know, our LIVE in-person Total Immersion Training Events have been put on hold until after the current health crisis is over and public safety restrictions are lifted download deutsche bahn online ticket. If you know me, then you also know I am totally committed to offering clients choices NOT ultimatums. So we have updated our choices for your attendees to receive this life-changing training download youtube videos convert2mp3.

We WILL conduct a digital Total Immersion Summit on the same dates as the LIVE training that was previously scheduled for Boston, Chicago & Los Angeles herunterladen.

Here is the best part. You NOW have 3 choices for your team to get the training:

  • Attend BOTH the Digital Summit PLUS attend a future LIVE in-person event as well update windows 10 for free!
  • Attend ONLY the Digital Summit on the same dates you were previously scheduled to attend.
  • Attend ONLY a LIVE in-person, Total Immersion Summit at a later date in the same city amazon prime videos am pc downloaden.

Your Digital Total Immersion Experience Information:

  • Each attendee will role-play and interact with Joe Crisara just like at a LIVE in-person event Download designs for mobile phones for free.
  • Students will have the same workbooks & materials as they would in-person
  • Joe will pause and interact with attendees at least once per hour or more during the class gratis powerpointen 2010.
  • Students can raise their hand and our meeting monitor will alert Joe to respond to questions.
  • Students will get assignments nightly and must complete them before class starts the next day herunterladen.
  • Student role-play graduations will be recorded as they would be at an in-person event.
  • Certificates of graduation will be sent and the final videos will be accessible following the event nacon profile.
  • 4-Weeks of following up coaching will be done as usual to give students personal follow-through.

If you would like to participate with the Digital Total Immersion please read the following guidelines:

  • Only those that have registered & invested in the class may attend.
  • Recording or additional people in the training are prohibited and will be removed.
  • All materials such as a workbook and all other study guides will be sent to each attendee
  • Each person must have a camera to participate on their pc or digital device.
  • Students must be logged into the class with the camera and microphone on at all times.
  • Attendees who are not responsive or without camera/mic will be removed from the training
  • We will send out forms that would need to be filled out and sent back before the training.
  • We will do a video & audio event test on Thursday, March 19th at 12-noon pacific time.

If you would like to move forward with the Digital Total Immersion training, please let us know by Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 by the end of the day. Remember, you can ALSO meet LIVE in-person at a Total Immersion Training Event in the same city as soon as we are cleared to re-schedule these events.

With warm regards,
Uncle Joe
America’s Service Sales Coach


Tech Falls Into Customer’s Trap – Literally! Thu, 31 Oct 2019 08:00:38 +0000

Man On a Mission

Gerry was a technician on a mission. He was going to try to break the company record for doing the most calls (14) in one day. This day seemed like the perfect storm where everything was in place to set the record download firefox for free german.

The boss told him at 7 a.m. that they were swamped with tune-ups and no cooling calls and it was 95 degrees and relative humidity of 87% today. These were just the kind of conditions that would keep the calls rolling in to break the record.

The day started off great. He was on his third call by 9:30 a.m canon print appen. with the first two calls being A/C tune-ups where nothing was wrong and each call only took around 35 minutes. At 9:35 he received a call from the dispatcher saying that the first call he did now had no cooling. Gerry was livid. This was going to screw up the record for sure.

Headed For a Fall

He quickly finished up the call he was on and hurried back to the first call Download streams with firefox. Gerry knew this customer always wanted him to use the side door when entering the home so off he went. When he got to the side door, it was wide open. He figured this meant to just come in a start working.

Gerry, still in a major hurry, and with the prospect of doing more than 14 calls in his head, shouted, “Anybody hooooooommmmme?” Oooomph!! vimeo for free! As he walked through the doorway and stepped into a 5-foot trap door that lead to the crawlspace where the customer was getting some garden hoses out for the summer. Gerry caught himself with his left arm as he fell into the trap door opening. He then dropped 5 feet where he laid on top of the garden hoses with a disconnected left shoulder cut pattern shirt ladies free. He began screaming in excruciating pain, every four-letter word known to man! **&@#!!!^*!!

Poor Gerry, There he lay, on the crawlspace floor, wreathing in pain while the customer on his hands and knees recoiled in horror, not two feet away, thanking his lucky stars that Gerry did not fall on him. The customer went upstairs and called the paramedics who took Gerry to the hospital for treatment.

Too Busy To Fail?

Gerry’s company was too busy to send a replacement out to the job or to even get his truck. The truck sat there on the street with the windows open while in rained into Gerry’s truck all night long. All of Gerry’s tools and paperwork were trashed from the water. The customer meanwhile called another company who correctly diagnosed the problem. It turned out the customer had a condensing fan motor that was going off on overload and the customer knew the unit wasn’t working right when he called Gerry’s company for a tune-up.

The customer then called to complain to Gerry’s company for exposing his kids to all the swearing that Gerry did in the crawlspace and also complained that Gerry had ‘ripped him off’ by charging him $49 for a tune-up where he couldn’t find a bad fan motor. He also stopped his check for the $49 payment.

What do you think this customer will tell his friends about Gerry and his company?

Lessons Learned:

Mistakes Gerry, his boss and all of us can learn from:

  1. The only call that is important is the call he is on now. Don’t worry about any future or past calls.
  2. His boss telling the team that they’re swamped takes focus away from performing higher quality.
  3. Gerry thought the company valued speed over quality, reliability & customer service.
  4. Is great service performed by doing more calls? Or by doing more work on fewer calls?
  5. Why is the dispatcher calling Gerry while he is on a job to tell him of his past failure?
  6. If you are going to set a record. Set one for providing the best solutions.

Do yourself a favor and go ahead and share this with your techs before they start running from call to call like Gerry.

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Is That Even Possible? Wed, 31 Jul 2019 23:05:41 +0000

I mean, is this even possible schöne schriften zum downloaden kostenlos? What kind of hype is this? Heck, I trained them, and I sometimes can’t believe it!

But it’s true herunterladen. Every blooming word. (Documented.) It makes me excited to tell you this, but it also makes me a tiny bit sad. Here’s why:

Because I’ve not gotten to train you routenplaner google maps kostenlos auto downloaden.

You’ve either ignored or mentally said “I can’t” to my requests to get you to enroll in Total Immersion training stack ball kostenlos herunterladen.

This means I’m unable to help you; you won’t let me. And I’m telling you the “I can’t” voice is wrong. It’s part of the problem! All it takes is enough desire to click the link.

If you’ll let me, I can help you like I’ve helped 3,328 students before you. Those contractors were no different from you. They simply decided they’d had enough of being average and went on to nearly triple their sales in 30 days.

That can totally be you.

Yet your inner voice (the “I can’t” one!) may think they had some “edge” you don’t. Hardly. They had only one trait in common –

Some were beginners, some gifted pros. Some didn’t even like selling (!), others who lived for it. They were old, young, male and female. The only thing they had in common was this:

A desire to get better.

Is that you? Are you willing to expect more then reach out to get it?

You only need the time, the training, and a system. It’s right here, right now.

So if that small voice of desire is wanting to be heard, you’re half-way there. There comes a time to move from dreaming to doing. I look forward to helping you get there.

To Your Success,

Joe Crisara

P.S. If you see “SOLD OUT” at the link, go ahead and complete the info (except the payment) and we’ll move you to the next class a few months later.

P.S.S. If you want to listen to some of our most recent success stories send me a message and I’ll send you a link.

$9 Million Reasons To Attend Total Immersion Thu, 25 Jul 2019 16:38:46 +0000

When a person sells this much HVAC equipment in one year, you wonder…

Where do they get their sales training over the rainbow mp3 for free?

Some might say, “They don’t need any sales training!”

Since I know him, this top salesperson would rightly respond, “Tiger Woods still gets lessons.”

Fair enough gratis thriller ebooksen. So the question remains, Where DO they get sales training?

And Rick Picard, who is the #1 HVAC salesperson in the United States would answer,

“At the Total Immersion Summit.”

That’s right herunterladen. Rick is a learning machine. And earning machine. Yet he has taken time to hone his craft – to get even better – at this event.

Would it be worth your time to find out how YOU can get a seat?

That’s why I’m inviting you to attend the upcoming Total Immersion Summit, but I must warn you: this is not for everyone. If fact, it can’t be. First it’s a 5 day course designed to multiply your sales, on average, nearly 3 times. Next, it’s strictly limited to 30 people who say, “I want to become better by learning from the best.”

So, is spending 5 days sharpening skills that benefit the rest of your life worth it? Only you can answer that, but it’s at least worth finding out what it includes.

You know, some won’t click the link at all. Some skeptics will say this is hype. Some don’t attend any training to get better. But if you’ve read this far, that doesn’t include you. So I’d like to include you in one of the 30 seats available. Check it out.

To Your Success,

Joe Crisara

YOU Be The Judge Wed, 17 Jul 2019 22:33:41 +0000 I’ll get right to the point because I believe you’re decisive enough to appreciate that.

I’m inviting you to join a special group limited to 30 success-minded contractors who want to improve their careers, income, and lives herunterladen. That’s not an over-statement.

I personally think this course is a fit for you, but maybe not itunes filme in 4k herunterladen. You be the judge.

We’ve done over 200 of these courses, improving along the way to a finely-sharpened edge that pulls you to maximum performance frame for free.

As it stands now, the average sales increase among this group is 278% in 30 days steuern herunterladen. (Documented.) Think of that: Tripling your sales – from right now forward– from a 1 week class.

Now you know why classes fill quickly download music securely and for free. My point is I’d like you in this Total Immersion class where can I download disney plus.

Think what tripling your sales would do for your income, your co-workers, and your life. Yet don’t ponder too long: Seats go to the decisive, which happens to be a trait that we groom for our top students.

This course is powerful, proven, and unique. I’m quite familiar with the other courses out there, yet Total Immersion stands alone. The info at the link will show you why.

You’d expect me to say that, but you’ll also see what other attendees have to say when you click. This is real. It’s happening. The question is – –

Can I count you in? Check it out.

To Your Success,

Joe Crisara