How Does Sales Expert Prove His Approach Works?

By: Joe Crisara

How To Prove a Sales Approach Works

Templeton, Calif. – All salesmen need help when their sales drop or stagnate or even when they think there’s nothing else to learn. Unlike many sales trainers who are here today and gone tomorrow, Joe Crisara went back to many graduates of his Total Immersion Workshops and found dramatic improvement both in closing sales and higher per average sales. “There are lots of sales trainers who promise everything and then move on to the next assignment,” says Crisara, who has taught more than 1,000 contractors the secrets of his lifelong study of what works and what fizzles with contractor selling.

Results Mean More Than “Lip Service

Every teacher, and that’s what a sales trainer is or should be, should be judged by only one criterion: “How successful are his students?” says Crisara, who founded the Total Immersion Workshops along with his wife, Julie. “When I measure the results, enthusiasm and commitment of my graduates, it’s the most rewarding feeling any teacher can ever have.” A random sampling of comments from his graduates include:

  • Buff Brown, DCS Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. – Thousand Palms, CA – “Joe Crisara’s Total Immersion Sales System has taken my company to the next level. Not only have I seen an increase in sales of HVAC equipment but just as quickly a larger average ticket amount for my service department. I now have the luxury of experiencing fewer customer complaints and nearly nonexistent buyers’ remorse. ” said Buff

Total Immersion is the cutting edge in sales presentation, allowing the comfort advisor or service specialist to openly present the customer with several options to find the one that best suits their needs. “Joe Crisara’s approach is the best system for developing a friendship with all of your clientele. It removes the “salesman versus homeowner” pressure and allows the comfort advisor to present their options as a friend. Any contractor that follows the plan can recover his investment within the first month of fully applying the Total Immersion process.” he added

  • Dustin Folkes, owner, Folkes Heating & Cooling, Fishkill, NY – “I went to Joe Crisara’s Total Immersion Workshop after meeting him at another workshop. He left me totally rejuvenated about being in business. I went to learn new ways to make money and become more profitable. I left with a totally different approach to my service business. His six-option approach really works, and we’ve seen a definite increase in sales for the next quarter. While his program is still a work in progress for us, our service sales have doubled from what we learned at his workshop.”

“After personally going to the first workshop with one of my service techs, I then sent two more techs to the next workshop and look forward to sending more people in the future. It is the best training I have ever been to. My technicians learned how to make more money for themselves and the company. One of the most important features is how quickly you can take what you learn and see it work in such a short time. On a personal note, Joe is extremely responsive, always getting back to me very quickly whenever I have questions. He always helps you along and doesn’t forget about you after you completed your workshop training.”

  • Zachary Collins, GM, Cottongim Heating and Cooling, Tifton, GA – “I’ve hit the $2 million mark and have won several awards for HVAC sales. I paid out of my own pocket to see if this guy could teach me anything. At that point in my career, I thought there wasn’t anything about the “Z-Unit” that could be taught. I was wrong – big time! The sales calls that I have been on (back-up to the salesman), I’ve had huge success with a 100 percent closing rate and a larger average ticket. The secret to becoming a Sales Master that Joe teaches is to not sell… let them buy. After you experience the Total Immersion Sales Summit, it will all make sense.”

“If you don’t continue to find ways to improve your sales or if you think you’ve learned it all, your growth as a salesperson is over,” says Crisara. “Typically, many of my graduates double their sales after attending a Total Immersion Workshop.

We stay with you after the training so that you achieve our bottom-line goal of increased sales and higher average ticket for products you sell.” For more information about the Total Immersion Workshops, contact Julie Crisara at 877-764-6304, or visit to sign up to attend a Total Immersion Sales Summit in person.

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  1. Joe is the man. I stumbled across him when I first got into the business and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I’ve managed several HVAC businesses successfully and now own one. There seem to be a million people out their pushing their methods, this gets bottom line results the right way…

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