“I was one week away from quitting…”

By: Joe Crisara

He Had Me At Hello

“I was literally one week away from quitting this industry after trying many of the traditional sales methods. Joe came in on a Sunday and met with our sales team and of course I was skeptical about listening to another sales guru. The second Joe opened his talk my jaw hit the ground. As I told him, he had me at hello.”

“I now went from despair to success almost immediately after the week of training. I feel my success is now predictable and certain. I went from the weak link on the sales team to the star of the company. Best of all I now come home to my loving wife with stories of success and not of failure. I call Joe every week and probably will forever. Don’t call Joe unless you are prepared to be captivated and inspired to see a way you have never seen before. If you do call you will get a friend and not just sales training.”


Craig Rogers
Oregon Heating
Newburg, Oregon