Parent Pay Data Processing Agreement

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You can exercise your rights by sending an email to Please make it clear in the subject that your request relates to a data protection issue and provide a clear description of your requirements. The database for sharing or not transmitting the data is registered at the school. Violation Notification In the event of a data breach, Schoolcomms will follow the direction of the Office of the Information Commissioner. We explain this in the data protection guidelines in our data protection statement. We often ask for permission to use data about a person for specific purposes. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact the Trust so that we can process your application. There are cases where you cannot revoke your consent, as explained in the trust privacy policy. For more information, see With a global increase in cybersecurity threats and increased data leakage and system compromises within knowledge organizations, we pride ourselves on offering internal security features that are usually only visible in large companies and areas of expertise. The Trust is the ultimate responsibility for the school`s data processing.

They delegate this to data publishers to act on their behalf. We have appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to protect the privacy, integrity and availability of your personal data during storage, processing and transfer. All staff, contractors and third parties who control the lockable areas must exercise the necessary diligence to prevent data breaches. You can complain if you asked us to delete, correct and not process data, and we did not accept your request. The trust must have a legitimate reason to keep data. We can also get the consent of young people, and it depends on the child and the reason for the transformation. Data processing with Schoolcomms partners uses certain third-party systems to meet our data processing obligations; including hosting, texting, e-mail, storing and using personal data sent to us by the school. Schools have a right to know which third parties we use and what data is transmitted. Schoolcomms will evaluate its third parties to ensure that existing legislation is in fact complied with. There is the right to complain if you feel that the data was transmitted without consent or legal authority. It should be noted that this legal basis may vary in certain circumstances, but we still work in full compliance with data protection legislation and only treat the data with a fair and appropriate legal basis.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 regulate the collection, use and storage of data. Questions about the data we hold in the school do not transfer data to countries outside the EEA. The cloud providers we work with are only treated in the EEA or expressly comply with the regulations. Please report your data protection concerns about limited data can also be processed by people working for PPL outside the EEA. These employees could be employed, among other things, to provide support services or software updates. In order to facilitate the verification of its suppliers and to focus more on schools, ParentPay has partnered with UK trusted data experts GDPRiS (RGPD in schools). Data managers need to ensure that data processing is as prudent as the person in charge of processing. The RGPD also requires organizations to ensure that processing managers require contractual agreements to ensure that this is the case.

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