How to be Productive: The 7 Rules of Right Action

By: Joe Crisara


There are a lot of moving parts to this business. No doubt about it.

When the jobs come, they come fast and furious, and each call brings an element of the unexpected.

Your phone is ringing with calls from your techs, bosses, coworkers, or customers – and before you know it, you brain shifts into, “just get it done” mode.

You started the day committed to world class customer service. Your intent was to take your time, get to know your customer intimately, do a thorough diagnosis of the system, and deliver high-quality solutions to them.

But with each added task – with each additional phone call from someone wanting something else from you, your mind begins to drift away from “What can I do to provide the highest quality experience for this one person in front of me right now?”

It begins to drift more toward, “What can I do to cross off all this crap that other people keep adding to my to-do list before the end of the day?”

And once you get to that place, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re done for.

Your close rate will go down the tubes (along with your attitude), your customer’s experience will diminish, and ultimately your income will suffer.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The 7 Rules of “Right” Action

So today, I’m sharing with you the 7 rules of “right action.” When your day seems to be spinning out of control, and your to-do list keeps growing longer and longer, take a deep breath, follow these rules, and continue to do the right thing for your customers.

1. Busy and Productive are NOT the Same Thing
Being busy doesn’t mean you’re serving your customer, your company, or yourself. Being busy just means you’re busy. You can be busy folding socks, but it’s not very productive. Instead, focus on being productive and doing things that move you forward and serve your customer.

2. Don’t Overthink or Second Guess
Overthinking and second-guessing result in confusion – and confusion results in you chasing your tail instead of solving real problems. Trust your training, have a clear picture of what you need to achieve, and do it. Thinking is good, but overthinking is a trap!

3. Be Where You’re at
Focus on the task in front of you. If your phone is blowing up and two dozen people need something from you, tune it out. I’m not saying you should ignore your boss, but I AM saying that you need to tend to your current business – not what lies ahead of you later in the day.

Do the job you’re on to the best of your ability. Those other things will be there when you’re done.

4. Perfect the Art of Slow
Be deliberate in what you do. Right action doesn’t always need to be done quickly. Trying to speed through things can actually cause mistakes. Take your time. Slow down and do the job in front of you the right way the first time. It will save you tons of grief and stress in the long run.

5.Know the Difference Between Urgent and Important
The “call me” text from a co-worker is urgent. Making a customer happy long-term and writing a big ticket at the same time is important. Know the difference.

I may not know your manager, but I’ll bet he’d be ok with, “Sorry it took me a while to respond – I was busy writing up a huge ticket for a customer who thinks we’re rock stars.”

6. Keep Your Cool and Stay Positive
Hey, I get it. Easier said than done, right? Still, when you allow yourself to get frustrated, stressed, and negative you have to ask yourself, “What good can possibly come from this?” When you feel it coming, do something about it.

Breathe deep, think of something that makes you happy or grateful. Even when you have every right to be ticked, realize that you’re just a shadow of yourself and you’re not helping anyone when you’re in that state… and change it.

7. By Default – Do What’s Right for the Customer in Front of You
If you forget everything else in this article, remember this rule. It encompasses all 6 previous rules. The bottom line is that if you take your time, run your system, and do everything you can do to turn the customer in front of you into a raving fan, everything else will work itself out.

There Will Never be a Shortage of ‘Action’

In our business, action is inevitable. There will always be something else to do. There will always be a next task. But remember that all action is not created equal.

To succeed and thrive in this business, you have to focus on and spend your time on right action – the things that move you forward and provide world-class service to your customers.

When things get crazy and you’re tempted to shift into “just get it done” mode, keep these Rules of Right Action in mind to stay positive and productive.

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So tell me this…

Do you find yourself getting bogged down in urgent “busy work” at times?

What do you do to get yourself back on track and focusing on what’s really important?

Tell me about it in the comments…