Scania Service Agreement

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If you sign an agreement with us, you will receive a plan with preventative maintenance recommendations for your vehicles. The plan is based on vehicle specifications and expected driving conditions. The agreement may include, in addition to the chassis, cultivation equipment and other equipment. Why enter into a service contract with Scania? Maximum operating time and peace of mind. We offer a selection of personalized programs to help your business with the truck, bus and bus – as well as additional trailers and equipment. As you always rent the same workshop, our service team receives in-depth knowledge of your vehicles and service history, so we can quickly diagnose problems when they occur. Vehicles covered by Scania`s maintenance contract also get a higher secondary value. ScaniaAvtal is available on multiple levels for your business, whether you have a single Scania vehicle or an entire fleet. You choose exactly what is included in the agreement. Do you want the agreement to include regular maintenance or repair work? Do you want us to wash your vehicles after the service? The options are unlimited.

The best part is that you get control of your exact costs over time, and we make sure you get a professional scania service at every step. Tailor-made fleet advice, as well as full compliance and DVLA compliance upgrades, vehicle and key component maintenance, repairs and breakdown protection. For the contract to be valid, you must have maintenance contracts for the duration. You pay a single initial fee that varies depending on the type of transaction. Your repair costs are 15% of the current base amount and 7.5% of the current base amount at the time of receipt and recovery. Personal fees apply for damages. Maintenance Contract is a custom maintenance program that gives you cost control. This agreement is signed for one or more years.

The agreement includes Scania Max24 – if a failure is due to technical problems, the vehicle must be operational within 24 hours. Otherwise, the severance pay is paid. With Scania`s repair and maintenance contracts, your vehicle or engine is in the safest hands. We assure you that you will remain fully compliant, fully maintained and fully covered. And as part of your MOT service, we even clean your cabin. Cancellation or recovery fees with Scania Assistance are included in the contract, as is Scania Max24; In the event of a failure due to a technical failure, the vehicle must be operational within 24 hours.

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