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Tuscia University is a state university based in Viterbo (IT). She participates in ELSE as general coordinator with the Department of Mind studies and communication (DISUCOM). The practice of teaching in this department is characterized by a cross-cutting and humanistic approach and by a common theoretical and relational terrain, which is relevant to university students of different ages. The third mission of LAUCOM and its professors has for years been in initial and professional training in the humanities. Specific support for new teaching methods has led to the introduction of IKTs as an opportunity to reach out to students and motivate them in their learning process. The implementation of a customized Moodle platform, soon to be extended to the entire university, was a fundamental turning point that allowed massive testing, the creation of digital teaching materials and the introduction of dazzling forms of learning. Founded in 1962, the Western University of Timiéoara (WUT) (website: is the largest university in western Romania and one of the five oldest universities in the country to form the Universitaria consortium. We are members: European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC), European University Association (EUA), European Association for International Education (EAIE), European University University for Education Network (EUCEN), Magna Charta Observatory, etc. THE WUT has an extensive international network of cooperation, including 265 bilateral Erasmus agreements.

Our role in the project is to support the work on a single database on the state of the art after the implementation of the Bologna agreement in each partner country. By drawing general and specific conclusions about the state of the education system of each partner country, our team contributes to the creation of the hypertext developed by P4. The University of Cadiz (UCA) is located in an important geostrategic region of southern Spain. The university, which is committed to the highest intellectual and cultural standards, is divided into four campuses and thus guarantees its presence in the province. The study and practice of accounting has a long tradition in the city of Cadiz. Our Faculty of Economics has its roots in this widely recognized know-how and offers bachelor`s degrees in business management and accounting and finance, as well as a master`s degree in accounting and Auditing.In 2017, UCA ELSE members have launched the bilingual concept of teaching that aims to promote the integration of English as a FL into economic education and to promote learning-oriented practices through CLIL. Our expertise in the social and human sciences (accounting, ESP) and key teaching methods aims to provide ELSE with knowledge and tools to assess progress in achieving its objectives, as well as to expand innovative areas of learning. Avénd én vedere faptul ce n perioada 14-27 septembrie 2020, toate activityile didactice se vor desféura exclusiv online, UMFST recomand` studen`ilor participarea la aceste activit`i din locul lor de domicileiliu.

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