10 Years of Service – A Labor Of Love

By: Joe & Julie Crisara

Joe and Julie 10 year

Our Story – Rising from the Ashes

Back in 1985 I was a master journeyman service technician with 10 years of service experience and then like many of you…

It happened…

Like a bolt of lightening, I was struck by an entrepreneurial seizure and decided it was time to start my first contracting business, Crisara & Son Home Comfort, a HVAC, plumbing and electrical contracting business working in new construction and remodeling in suburban northern Illinois.

Now, I knew a lot about how to work in a mechanical contracting business, but I’ll admit, I knew very little about working ON the business.

So, I grew the company by doing the same things that other dysfunctional contractors in my area did.  I under priced my services, I sold parts and took jobs I shouldn’t have.

Then, when hit with a series of bad pay-outs by general contractors in 1992, I lead our company to the brink of financial disaster.

Many people, including my accountant, banker, and suppliers advised me to file for bankruptcy, but I was either too determined (or too stubborn) to take their advice gratis mahjong spiele herunterladen.

So, instead I pushed on hoping for a change to come.

Thankfully it did…

Time for a Change

In October of 1992 I was on a service call with a customer that knew me and my business pretty well. After talking about my current struggles he asked if I would be open to a little bit of advice.

At the time, I had little to no money, the business was sinking and I was going through a nasty divorce and so, “My ears were wide open.”

My customer proceeded to tell me about some studies done by major universities around the science of communication and creating value when offering your service. To say the least, I was very intrigued.

So I did some research, read up on the strategies and started immediately putting them to work.

And to my amazement, after implementing just a few of these new ideas things began to change for the better.

Here are the 5 key strategies I learned from my customer about the science of offering solutions…

  1. Offer a range of options to every customer from premium to economy gpx bestanden iphone.
  2. Diagnose the entire system. The house, the water, air and electrical delivery system.
  3. Make an emotional investment in your customer and show them by offering customized solutions.
  4. Communicate what the solutions will do to help the family, not what parts are needed.
  5. Bring opportunities to a conclusion – Yes – No – Or what date will we get a yes or no icloud herunterladen ipad?

By using these new strategies I slowly and steadily grew the business in a profitable way.

Fast forward a few years and I met my beautiful wife Julie who joined me in the business. It was also at this time that we made some other really important changes, the biggest was to STOP working with contractors, new construction and remodeling and only focus on selling our services directly to homeowners.

Our philosophies on how to run a profitable contracting business were further improved by studying under the guidance of many masterful mentors, like Doc Rusk, Frank Blau, Dr. Ron Collier, Maurice Maio, and George Brazil PLUS many, many more.

It was due to their guidance, our unending thirst for learning and daily execution that we eventually went on to earn double digit net profit.

Before long and after a lot of hard work, we paid back our debts and experienced great financial success.

Culminating in selling our company for a significant profit.

You’d think the story would end there, but actually it was just the beginning…

10 Years of Sharing Success


In 2006 we took the hard lessons we learned and decided to create ContractorSelling.com.

We wanted to fulfill our passion to teach and to personally help every contractor avoid the pain we went through and instead enjoy tremendous success.

We’ve been in your shoes and are very much aware of the challenges you face daily in your contracting business and we want to help you create the business and life you’ve always wanted.

Our beliefs truly are reflected in our tagline:

“Change your thinking, grow your sales! Stop doing what everyone else does and instead build a better service business powered by the energy of your happy clients.”

Supported Solely by Service Contractors

Today ContractorSelling.com is a membership-based community specifically designed for and about HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors.

It is completely independent without support from manufacturers. There is absolutely no paid advertising or partnerships designed to scratch the backs of the “traditional” contracting media.

“You have truly shown me a better way and I am grateful for your commitment to my success. Thank you for doing what you do and for helping me personally and professionally.” –  Derrick Jackson, Precision Plus Plumbing, Philadelphia, PA

As we have seen success, and the lack of it, so many times that we can smell it a mile away, it is our pleasure to help other contractors achieve success.

The ContractorSelling.com brand has developed an enormous following through the years. It’s science-based information from experienced contractors and professionals.  We speak directly to contractors and the pains they deal with and show them a specific path to success.

So many contractors have experienced transformational results due to the ContractorSelling.com website, workshops, programs, forum, blog, and various products and other offerings. We have helped many contractors climb the mountain to reach a 20% net profit range.

The Future Is Clear

Looking at the next ten years, the future for contractors is clear. We have over 3000 content pages with videos, audios, ebooks and live coaching to help grow your business successfully and profitably.

Our approach at ContractorSelling.com is unique, you interact with real people who provide real world answers that get you the results you want.

“Your stuff just blows me away! I thought I hired a consultant and wound up with a new best friend. I am a Nexstar member that thought he had seen everything. I have gotten more in 30 minutes of conversation with you then I have received in years of business training elsewhere.”  -Kyle Lumsden

Here is what we are:

  • WE ARE a Pure Motive Service company
  • WE ARE value-based on quality, reliability, customer service and relevant solutions
  • WE ARE innovators who come up with real solutions to real problems
  • WE ARE ready to respond with honest answers (even when it’s not popular)
  • WE ARE passionate and won’t quit on you… ever…
  • WE ARE excited to give you vital information and coaching to reach your dreams
  • WE ARE real people ready to help you with our online apps and software
  • WE ARE the originator of “6-option” pricing format – Giving options not ultimatums
  • WE ARE extremely grateful that our vision is being realized, which is a dream come true for all of us here at Contractorselling.com

Now, here’s a bit about what we are NOT and will never be…

  • NOT worried about being accepted by other consultants and what say about us
  • NOT part of the “good ole boys network” supported by the traditional trade press
  • NOT part of other organizations that control information fed to service contractors
  • NOT sheltered as to the joys and heartaches of running a service business
  • NOT full of generalist information that plays it safe and tells you nothing
  • NOT afraid to be specific and take a position on the challenges facing you today
  • NOT egomaniacs that refuse to listen to the very people they serve
  • NOT perfect, we take responsibility for our shortcomings, and improve daily
  • NOT afraid to get on the phone and talk to contractors, sales people, techs, office staff, managers or anyone else who needs our help. Just call us at 877-764-6304 and you will speak directly to a top officer in the company.

Here’s whats in store for you in 2016 and beyond…

We are always striving to bring you the best training, software tools and guidance to help you take your business and your life to the next level. So here’s just a sampling of what you can expect from us in in 2016…

  • The NEW ContractorSelling.com Website – We intend to remodel and reorganize our content so you can use it easily to train service techs, sales people, managers, CSR’s and Dispatcher’s – Essentially you will get a “Business In a Box” with all the tools you need.
  • Self-Guided eLearning Training Modules – This year will mark a new opportunity to create training modules with testing throughout as well as a graduation for your team.  This way you know who has been trained and on what subjects.
  • Best Ever Flat Rate Option Maker App 2.0 Upgrades – This powerful tool will be accessible to everyone with usable templates as well as an Options Wizard for every repair that can be modified on the job in seconds and your solutions will be relevant to your clients.
  • Total Immersion Pure Motive Blueprint Training – You spoke and we listened. We are creating a study-on-your-own Total Immersion Training so you can get all the knowledge and skills without ever leaving the shop.
  • A New Brick & Mortar Training Facility – We have just signed a long term lease on a new office and training location in Culver City, California where we can expand our training to include new training on Manager Mentoring, CSR & Dispatch Bootcamps, Heavy Hitter High Performer Training, Year End Business Planning and a whole lot more.
  • The 2016 Super Service Summit – We will restart this very successful event like no other in the industry.  We will feature some of our best performers sharing what they have done to reach their potential. Coming in the fall of 2016.
  • The Hour Of Sales Power with Rick Picard – This will be a year where we will engage all of members and the public in a one hour show with Rick Picard who is one of our best students (he sold $7 million in 2015) Watch for the next episode in March 2016.
  • New Monthly Training Webinars for All Members – We will be releasing a new webinar training calendar available to all monthly memberships.  Each month there will be live webinars held specifically for office staff personnel, field technicians, sales people, managers and owners.  You and your team will have more access to our materials and systems than ever before.
  • New Partnerships – We will be announcing new training partnership alliances with Service Titan Software, Halo Water Purification and a few other select businesses that we believe can make our members more profitable.

Not a day goes by where we don’t think about and appreciate you our…

  • Courageous contractors who have taken a leap of faith in us and made the change
  • Our students for putting the material in action, proving the success of the material
  • Our members who have seen and embraced a unique way to succeed

We never will forget what you all have done for us and are doing for us right now. By allowing us to be part of your success, you contribute to the success of ContractorSelling.com.

Thank You.

It is our honor to pay it forward to some of the hardest working people on the planet. 🙂

So be on the lookout for some exclusive 10 year anniversary deals coming your way.

Thank you and God bless you.

With warm regards,
Julie & Joe Crisara






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  1. It’s no secret I read little on social media and comment even less. Yet it is incredibly gratifying to read your story – though I know it well – and relive your incredible journey. Passion gets results.

    You deserve all you’ve earned in direct proportion to what you’ve given. The most encouraging part are the many lives you’ve yet to change! Stay at it. Congratulations!

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