Total Immersion 2-Day Advanced Class

BY: Julie Crisara

Remember, before you can attend the 2-day advanced training you have to be a graduate of the 3-day basic training prior to attending.  You can do this all in one week or by taking the basic training first and then return when you’re ready at anytime in the future.

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Feed Your Ego Or Your Wallet

BY: Joe Crisara

Your Ego Or Your Wallet

One of the biggest weaknesses ineffective salespeople have is their desire to “look good” in front of their customer. If only this desire to feed the ego was as great as the desire to feed their wallet, life would be very different for these “happy losers.”

A Happy Loser?

I use this term because it perfectly describes the salesperson who is happy to look good even if it means no sale. The need to look smart and sharp to a prospect is more important than getting the result they want. Their success and their income suffer greatly because of it.

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Do You Make This Olympic Sized Mistake?

BY: Joe Crisara

Do You Make This Olympic Sized Mistake?

As the 2010 Winter Olympic games came to a close I am haunted by a certain story which involves snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis and her failed attempt at redemption. Jacobellis suffered a disastrous crash four years ago at the Turin, Italy winter Olympic games when she celebrated too soon just moments from the finish line. She basically had the race won but could not resist the temptation at showing a little flash at the wrong moment and instead lost the race.

The reason this failure stuck with me far more than all the Olympic victories i witnessed is probably because as a sales coach I see this phenomena far more than I would like when trying to help sales people attain better results. The pain of losing is vivid to me whenever I hear the sales person tell me that they have a sale that is “pretty much already sold” and then they start talking about it like they actually have closed it. But here is the twist. After I question further I find that they aren’t even close to getting the sale. Continue reading “Do You Make This Olympic Sized Mistake?”