Do You Have a Personal Sales Constitution?

By: Joe Crisara

Do You Have a Policy Too tischkarten hochzeit kostenlos downloaden?

How many times have you heard your prospect tell you that they have a rule or policy when they purchase? You know something like, We have a rule, we never make a purchase on the first visit from a sales person süddeutsche zeitung herunterladen.  Sometimes the rules that buyers have are dysfunctional and make little sense for you or them.

Also, the rules are often broken when they meet the right sales person with the right solution barbershop herunterladen. So then the rules are only often enforced when they either don’t like the sales person or their solution.

As a professional sales person, you must have rules as well. This is particularly true when you sell face-to-face and have to travel to your buyer’s location or home. The amount of time spent with buyers and the time needed to travel to and from where they are makes having these rules even more important.

Here are a few of my personal rules that I hold myself to when engaging potential customers in my sales process:

My Personal Sale Constitution

  • I refuse to sell my services to people who don’t want them or need them.
  • I find out how others failed because I won’t make the same mistake they did.
  • I never stand in the way of the best solutions or the worst solutions.
  • I don’t sell products; I sell service. Products are complimentary when you invest in my service.
  • I never expect buyers to pay more for the same solution at a higher price.
  • I always present solutions that are different and better than competitors.
  • I believe that everyone who is investing should have equal access to the information.
  • I will not allow third parties to present my solutions. Only I will do this.
  • I provide choices to my buyer, not ultimatums.
  • I will never fax or email my proprietary solutions to a customer.
  • I am committed to only four possible outcomes of my presentation.
    • Yes
    • No
    • Disqualify Myself If my solutions are the same as others.
    • Set a future date to get my final answer with a return visit.
  • I always find out what I did to get or lose the sale.
  • I return in person to get the final answer, not make follow up phone calls.
  • I always let customers know that I need their help getting more customers.

Can anyone add to this list? Please share some of your own personal rules or policies that you use in selling your solutions. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

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