“Brass Tacks, This Is The Real Deal”

BY: Joe Crisara

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5 To 7 Times More Than Before

“I have been to a variety of sales training sessions from many different sources and they have all had a similar theme of not being real world dlf podcast. Your stuff is brass tacks and I can feel that it is the real deal! You present everything and more on succeeding in sales! We have already had many tickets that were 5 to 7 times more than we would have made before with happier customers herunterladen. Thanks for this treasure of information.”

Donald Lester
Bradenton, FL

“Don’t Join & Keep Losing Money…”

BY: Joe Crisara

Lost Passion Regained

“I had lost my passion for my business as I was on the same treadmill no doubt many contractors find themselves on ark survival for free. Then I decided to take a chance despite all my greatest fears and send my techs and myself to your summit in Baltimore.

The first day back one of my techs did $7,000 on his first plumbing service call herunterladen. When he brought the check back for a call that normally would have been $500, my jaw hit the ground.”

Each week after this experience I have been stunned by the continued success of the program steuerbescheid downloaden. The after coaching you get is in-valuable and really drives home the legacy that your material will leave on the contracting industry.

Tell anyone who is contemplating “Immersing” themselves in this program to call me and I will tell them how much money they are losing each week that they fail to attend mit google chrome videos herunterladen. Thanks Joe & Julie.”

Bill St. Cyr
St. Cyr Plumbing
Montpelier, ME

“I Made My Investment Back The First Week”

BY: Joe Crisara

Boosting Company Performance

“What can I say about your class and your training that can truly measure up to how I feel about it timetable 2019? First of all, I made my investment to send my two guys to your class back in the first week! This information may be the most powerful thing I have ever learned to boost the performance of my company panasonic viera apps downloaden. The guys I sent to the class are a record number of customer solutions.

I sat down and figured the direct effect of your materials and training app zum video downloaden android. I figured what the jobs were sold for versus what they would have sold for before. I also factored in the increased closing ratio I have been tracking filme aus 3sat mediathek downloaden. The 6 week result is just under $60,000 increase above and beyond what we would have normally done . This is with only 2 of 6 field employees who were trained.Thank you.”

Gary Bailey
The Bailey Company
Elmira, NY

“I Can’t Wait Until Monday”

BY: Joe Crisara

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Worth Giving Up A Saturday

“I just got home from your one day seminar in Clearwater (FL). It was a great experience and definatly worth giving up a Saturday for herunterladen. We have already had some very promising results from what we have learned from the website. I have already done many SERVICE calls over $2,000 and a few over $4,000 handy daten herunterladen! Today really tied it all together, I cant wait for Monday so I can put this new knowledge to use. I’m looking forward to joining you for the full course.”

Rick Davies
Airpros, FL
Bradenton, FL