“Did in 2 Days What I Did In Some Months!”

BY: Joe Crisara

Reporting Back

“Joe I just wanted to report back to you that today on my first call after training I sold $9,223 download iphone mails automatically. The guys at my shop and myself were amazed at how easily the customer bought after I handled only two objections on that call.

The system showed me how this day was no fluke as I did a little over $4,500 on two calls on my second day Download 3 sat mediathek! So in two days after returning I did over $13,800. I have had struggles in the past reaching those numbers in a month. My third day had me doing all the work minecraft hacks downloaden. (Somebody’s gotta do it!)

The biggest thrill about the last couple of days is in seeing how happy my customers were after they selected and purchased the options they chose duolingo app kostenlos herunterladen. This is really more customer service than it is sales training.

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Julie for all your help.”

Matt Szymanski
Jones Services
Goshen, NY