Industry Jargon: The Wrecking Ball Of Great Service

BY: Joe Crisara

Self Destruction

If you were told that the “jargon” or language that your industry uses was hurting your sales, would you believe it herunterladen? Well, not only is it destroying your closing rate and average sale but it is also making it harder for you to communicate with your customer. In many cases, it is alienating them beyond the point where they can barely understand you download amazon music app.

Using industry jargon is just plain bad service. Why would a customer call you if they really wanted to learn the “inside language” of your trade prism herunterladen?

Think of the time that is wasted explaining what this jargon means. Why not just start by explaining what the problem is causing and then by explaining your solutions by saying what you will do lebenslauf kostenlos herunterladen? But this time use the “customers” language and explain what the problems are doing to harm the system. Then explain what your solution will DO, not what they are kinofilme downloaden ohne anmeldung. Continue reading “Industry Jargon: The Wrecking Ball Of Great Service”