I Have Failed (Thank Goodness)

BY: Joe Crisara

What Is Failure sendung aus zdf mediathek downloaden?

What is failure? A feeling inside that goes into my soul. It makes my heart hurt and it drains all of my energy.  A bad feeling fraught with dire consequences

When I fail I feel this sense of dread that runs through my entire body Download netflix tv on ipad.

I feel like diving headfirst like Pete Rose into bed, pulling the covers over my head and turning off the world while I try to figure it out.  The intensity gets stronger and stronger the more I try to tune it out and try to escape it fnaf world download kostenlos.  Eventually I come to grips that failure is always my fault. Continue reading “I Have Failed (Thank Goodness)”

Best Ever Flat Rate Software LIVE Sneak Preview

BY: Joe Crisara


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LIVE Sneak Preview Demo – Saturday, August 17th, 2013

You are invited to attend a live demonstration of the NEW Best Ever Flat Rate Software System  Come to see how easy flat rate & building custom options can be for your Service Techs & Sales People animal crossing wild world.

  • Free Breakfast – Meeting starts at 9:00 am and last for 90 minutes
  • Demo and play with the software – create options on an iPad in 60 seconds herunterladen!
  • Free seminar includes showing owners the “Science Of Building Options”
  • Share your thoughts and give your opinions on the development of this powerful tool
  • Call to reserve your seat – Attendance is FREE but space is limited
  • Call 877-764-6304 OR email us at info@contractorselling.com to save your seat

Here are some of the benefits of this new platform…

Talk with contracting sales & growth expert Joe Crisara…

Contracting expert Joe Crisara will be there all morning to not only show you the new software but also to help you with any business improvement challenges you are facing uni köln word herunterladen. This is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to get all your answers to your toughest challenges on this day.

When: Saturday, August 17th at 9:00 am

Where: Hyatt Place Hotel Boston/Braintree

Price: Attend with our compliments

Call to reserve your seat – Attendance is FREE but space is limited – Call 877-764-6304

OR email: info@contractorselling.com