7 New Solutions to Help Your Clients Automate Their Home

By: Joe Crisara

As a service professional, the concept of “pure motive service” means constantly offering the customer the most choices possible and knowing that you are truly offering things which are beneficial and will improve their quality of life. Besides the standard machinery and components involved with plumbing, electrical and HVAC, there now exist cutting edge electronic products which enable systems and appliances in a home to be controlled through advanced pre-programming as well as in real time through wife-connected devices. A house with many of these technological products is often called a “smart home.”

When you make the human connection, when you invest yourself in your customers and really listen, something changes willy werkel free full version. You key into the details of their wants, needs, issues and overall lifestyle. You get a sense on where they stand when it comes to convenience vs luxury vs frugality vs safety. As a top service professional offering pure motive service, you can recommend specific smart home products to different customers because you know positively that they actually would be interested in such a solution and they would benefit from it.


Let’s say that your customer is out all day at work, as is their spouse, and their children are at school for at least some of the day, too herunterladen. They want to save money on heating and cooling but also maintain a certain temperature all the time so their home climate conditions don’t get too extreme for when family members arrive back home. You might suggest a smart thermostat, which allows home owners to view, modify and change their home’s heating and cooling settings from their cellphone, from across town or even while hundreds of miles away. Many of these can also sync to voice-interactive smart systems like Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homekit.

If your customers would benefit from having a lot of control over their thermostat, then a smart thermostat would offer them true value and life improvement zoom aufnahme downloaden. This helps them save money on fuel while still maintaining a desirable climate at all times (perhaps to avoid frozen pipes or distressed pets).


If your customers have a particular worry about burglary, you can address their concerns directly by telling them about new smart bulb technology which allows a light bulb to simulate your home’s typical lighting patterns when you go out. These smart bulbs also stay on when the power goes out and turn themselves on in response to an alarm or doorbell. In this case you are offering peace of mind from intruders, from a place of pure motive.


How often have you gone to bed at night and had a nagging thought that maybe you hadn’t fully locked all the doors Download scrabble for free? Imagine how your very elderly clients might feel. A great service professional would advise their older customers about electronic smart locks, which allow Bluetooth operation of locking and unlocking, and also work with Siri via Apple’s Homekit software or Google Nest. Residents can vocally ask these smart locks to lock or unlock the door. The locks can also be accessed via a Wi-Fi bridge to a smart device. Locking all the doors manually may be no problem for many customers, but for the ones who have an issue with forgetting, or just worrying, steering them toward smart locks is offering great service.


As much as we tell little kids that they shouldn’t talk to strangers- or let them in!- a lot of children don’t think that far ahead, and impulsively answer the door before they even see who it is www.tfa-dostmann.de herunterladen. And that’s where trouble can start. For customers with little children especially, the smart doorbell allows a peek at the front entrance of the house through 1080p resolution live streaming video, so that whoever is answering the door can be sure it’s a person they know as opposed to a person of suspicion. For a family susceptible to being taken advantage of by intruders or unwanted visitors, this product will of genuine benefit.


You will sometimes come across customers who complain about the high expense of utilities, and electricity in particular. Combine that with family members constantly sucking up electricity with high-usage devices (you know those teenagers who glued to their cell phones), and you’ve got a frazzled customer worried about paying their bills app spiele zumen.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to educate them about smart electrical plugs, which go right into the wall outlets and then serve as outlets themselves. Offering remote power control over devices and the ability to track in detail the energy consumption of any device plugged into it.

With smart plugs, your electricity bill-fixated customer gains information about and control over their usage, and offering that is real higher level service.


Coffee is a natural topic of conversation. A customer might mention a favorite nearby coffee house, or just offer you a cup adonis herunterladen. If you get a customer for whom coffee is a very important part of life, and especially if it’s part of their routine waking up very early, you can then tell them about the newest smart coffee machines. These devices have special modes like ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Welcome Home’ which can also be programmed to start the coffee making process based on one’s geo-location.

These smart coffee machines can also create recipes to match various existing conditions. For instance if a user’s FitBit measures a poor night of sleep, the machine would automatically brew a stronger cup first thing in the morning download youtube film. The occasional, casual coffee drinker probably doesn’t care enough to need such specialization in their machine, but if you work with a true coffee aficionado, then suggesting a smart coffee maker shows personalized concern and real problem solving capabilities.


As a service professional, you know that everyone wants to welcome you into a nice, clean home. But you also know families with little kids have a nearly impossible time keeping the house neat and clean. For most busy parents, it feels like an insurmountable, uphill battle lootboy kostenlos downloaden. When you see a harried, hectic parent of this sort, suggest one of the newest generations of smart vacuums. I call these “super smart vacuums” because they are operable via smart phones and possess superior room recognition technology, with a laser distance sensor and real-time positioning. You can also view the vacuum’s movement in real time and fully control the machine’s operation.

Offering home cleaning solutions to a customer that you know is drowning in housework because of children or pets is the sign of a professional offering what I call pure motive service.


While we’re talking about new technology, your own service business will drastically improve by using a smart app to keep track of customers and jobs.

I recommend using a service business app like Jobi, which allows you to create an automatic list of product options for your customer interface, including smart home products which they can review and check off for future discussion with you. The automation and other electronic capabilities found in an app like Jobi will create enormous improvements and undeniable results for your contracting business. Get your free 7-day trial at www.jobi.pro/trial.